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angelaidAugust 17, 2012

Before I die, I *must* ...

Sample a real, New York, bagel! I've never had a fresh bagel. Doubt one will present itself in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho any time soon. LOL

I would also like to try a slice of Chicago Deep Dish pizza!

French croissants (doubt they are anything close to my splurge of Costco croissants)

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I went to Chicago and didn't even try a pizza there. I think I am pretty happy having tried so many things. I'm fairly adventurous. Snails, caviar, liver, rabbit, jicama, lychee... all kinds of stuff. I just cannot find a blue cheese I like. I can't even hide it in something. Tastes like mold. I want to find one a I like, but no such luck so far. I might say an antipasto platter while in Italy. I assume that'll be my last shot at olives. If they aint good that way, aint no way they're good. Other than that, I have no wants.

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LOL, Rob, I also can't find a blue cheese that doesn't just taste like mold to me, and I've tried several. I keep trying olives, but I still don't like those either, LOL.

I've had Chicago Deep Dish in Chicago, but I'm not a fan of pizza, so that went by the wayside. I do want to get to Hot Doug's, although I've also had Chicago Dogs in Chicago.

Carol/Dishesdone says I have to have a New York bagel to have had a real bagel, and gelato that's not from the supermarket. I'd like to try a fresh guanabana since Ashley said it was the best fruit ever while she was in Costa Rico, but other than that, I've tried a lot of things and can't imagine what I'm missing out on.

I'm sure there's something though!


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fresh black truffles
jamon iberica

A girl can dream.


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My food bucket list is short - just one more Montreal bagel before I die.

I lived in NYC for a couple of years when I was younger and was spoiled by the great bagels available there. Then I spent a month in Montreal on business and the NY bagels seemed to pale in comparison.

So if you have a NY bagel on your bucket list, just go straight to Montreal for the best bagels in the world.

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Italian gelato - everyday....sometimes twice a day....while in Italy. Also, gnocchi and pasta with truffles while I am there. And chingale - wild boar.

Cioppino while in California. Alaskan King Crab in Oregon.

Raclette in Switzerland.

Mussels and frites in Belgium.

And dinner with Jacques Pepin - anything he wants to cook for me!


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Ahhh bagels. Not going to choose which city's are the best. I spent my early early childhood in NYC - in fact across the street from a bialy bakery. It was a must stop on any trip we made from Maine to NY/NJ in later years. And I spent a few years in Montreal. For some reason my room-mate and I thought it was amusing to go to the bagel bakery very late at night - ride the bus back home with a large bag of hot bagels and a conversation about some controversial subject. Sometimes we could get our fellow passengers involved in bagels and debate. Seems silly now but we had fun.

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Cherimoya, Dragon fruit, bread nuts, black or white truffles. Nut cheese is all the rage in the vegan community right now and I'd love to give that a try. Still haven't tried garlic scapes or hosta shoots either.

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Thought NOT a fan of liver, wanna try foie gras!

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I will limit what I want to try to food and not Food and Travel! Obviously, having something in it's locale would be the very best thing.

Ice wine
fried butter
cassoulet with real confit
beef wellington
Dover sole (not the flounder)

that's all I can think of offhand.

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ynnej, definitely try dragonfruit if you get a chance, it's delicious, although not widely available here. I buy it when I get into a big city like Grand Rapids or Ann Arbor.

BB, if you go to wine tastings at wineries, it seems like every one here has ice wine. The one at Black Star Farms was wonderful, but it's $95 a bottle. I tasted it, though, for $2.50!


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