More Bleeding?

GlassgoddessMay 9, 2002

I used to have a period every 28 days like clockwork. Very painful but always on time. For about the last 9 months or so, I have been bleeding in between periods, some times for days, sometimes for a week or more. My last cycles have only been 21-24 days. I am 42 and my doc says I am to young for Menopause but did refer me to a Gyno. Are these symptoms of menopause? Just curious what you guys thought.

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Im doing the same thing. (age 44) Ive been told that is a pre menopausal thing. Your body starting to ditch the eggs it doesn't think you will need anymore. Several of my friends are going thru it also, and the Gyn's always say the same thing "your to young". Obviously not! They will put you on the pill and try to regulate it. Stinks doesn't it? Can't wait for it to really hit!

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Just as women start to menstruate at different ages, so too, they begin menopause at different ages. Also, menopause is not something that jumps at you one day. It is a very gradual process of declining hormone production the reverse of what happened at puberty. We did not one day wake up with hairy legs and armpits, breasts and a period .... it was a gradual progression that started years before the first menses. The symptoms vary from woman to woman and their ability to cope varies as well. Some women are also more in tune to their bodies than others and some are more sensitive to hormonal fluctuations. I've been keeping a log of my symptoms for a couple of years and its interesting to see how it has become progressively more erratic.

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well about 4 years ago I started that. The dr ran all kinds of tests,couldnt find anything.we discussed hysterectomy she said If I want shell do it. well we did she said its good we did I had 5 things wrong would have been serious if left go. so I wonder how good these tests are they do.Im 47 now

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