Fasination with babies? Hormonal?

lydia1959May 3, 2002

Has anyone else in Perimenopause had a sudden fasination with babies? I find myself staring at them, wanting to hold and cuddle them. I've never been much of a "baby" person. I have 1 child of my own, but never really was one to "ooh and ahh" over them. I figure it must be something hormonal (I'm 42) ~ anybody know?

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How old is your child and do you want more? Nita

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Nita, my child is 13 and no ~ I don't think I want another at my age.

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Same thing here. It is almost embarrassing, I think babies are so cute now. My only guess is that we are getting ready to be grandmothers. LOL

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It seems like only yesterday I had two babies in diapers and on bottles. Now they're young ladies of 17 and 18. I can't wait to be a Grandmother. I keep hoping my older daughter will get engaged. I heard the three stages of female life are maiden,mother,crone. I'm definitely a crone.

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