endometrial ablation

gabrielesgardenMay 8, 2007

has anyone here had an endometrial ablation? if so, can you tell me wht and what your experience was? thanks!

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I had the procedure 5 years ago (at age 42) for *very* heavy periods--and had a tubal ligation at the same time. It was under general anesthetic. Recovery was no problem at all. My dr. said to take a week off work so I did but I easily could've gone back sooner. She told me that about 20% of people have no periods afterwards, about 20% don't notice any improvement and the rest have a noticable decrease in flow. I'm in the last category--periods so light that I almost don't know they're there which is great. You have to make sure you don't get pregnant after the ablation. I'm an RN so did more research checking for a good OB/GYN and anesthetist than most people might generally do. The competence of those two people cannot be underestimated IMO (actually for any surgery).

HTH and good luck.

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I had the procedure 4 years ago at age 46 for prolonged, frequent periods and a uterus full of fibroids. I woke up in recovery in searing pelvic pain and the recovery nurse assigned to me gave me morphine immediately. Less than 15 seconds later I was asleep again. This went on a few more times. I ended up having a total of 3-4 doses of the morphine and sleeping the remainder of the day.

Once I sat up in my room, I started vomiting. Doctor said it was from the morphine. I never had a bit of pain or cramping from the procedure, but that vomiting went on for at least 8 hours--on and off.

If I was to do it again, I'd ask for a different painkiller.

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I had this procedure in Dec. 2002. I had been having long, heavy periods to the point I couldn't leave the house. I had just turned 50 in September and life was miserable. After going to see a Ob/Gyn and was given Prometrium to try without luck, I opted for the ablation.
I had the Novasure method and must say it was a God send. I woke up with some severe cramps but with Lortab and Motrin it got me through. I only needed the pain meds for about 4 hrs. and then was fine. The cramping was due to the cervix being dilated and then I had to have a stitch or two from what my doctor told me so no wonder I had the cramps.
My periods after that were hardly anything and I went another year before my periods totally stopped and I had blood work that officially told me I was now postmenopausal. Please ladies, don't suffer needlessly if you're having horrible periods like I did. I only wish I had looked into this long before my problem got as bad as it did. I was afraid to go to the doctor. Ask for the Novasure method. It uses radio frequency which burns the endometrial lining. It is quick and works. I even had the Rep. from the company there who I talked with before going into the OR. I told him after reading all the info on their website, I was very happy to be receiving their method. I would love to be a Rep. for their company. It sure helped me. Good luck. And yes, menopause is not for the weak but yet women have been told they're the weaker sex, yeah; right! I'd like to see my husband go through everything I've suffered. We've been married almost 36 yrs. and we seldom talk. The kids are grown and married and I've found we have nothing in common. I love gardening, he hates it! He loves his boat, I hate it! I love music, he hates it! What can one do? And now both our children no longer live here in there home state and I miss them so much. Life sucks!

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I had this procedure done in April 2007 and I couldn't be happier! I'm 47 and had regular periods for the past 24 years (after the birth of my son). I missed my period last December and January and then had a LONG period in February (23 days!). In March I had so much bleeding with clots and cramping I couldn't work! I knew I was in perimenopause and realized I could NOT exist like this for the next few years. Went to a great gynecologist who told me I had fibroids and an increased build up of endometrial tissue. I wanted it resolved before spending years in misery. Had the procedure and could not be happier! Haven't had my period, yet, and I'm hoping I'm in the percent that is period free! Can't imagine waiting months of even years like some women before making the best decision I could make for my health!

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In June 07 I had the Novasure procedure. I was a wake and on painkillers during the procedure, it was extremely painful. I was ill for a week after and had serious cramping I could barely walk. The procedure did not work for me. It's now August, it's my first period after the procedure and it's worse as ever. Bad cramps, heavy bleeding, bloating etc. The procedure was a complete failure for me. Prior to my procedure I went through tests, biopsies, ultra-sounds etc to determine what would be the best course of action. My gyno said the ablation was the way to go as everything else looked normal but he warned me that about 5% of people who have this done has no effect on them...so that's me! No effect at all.

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Hello I had endometrial ablation 2 years ago and it was great for about a year no periods. Wow now they have come back with avenges. Terrible pain I actually ended up in emerge thinking I was having appendicitis. Now they want to put in an IUD. hmmm.....Has anyone had an IUD at 47 after children and tubes tied etc. ugh Please help with info.
Thanks so much for listening.

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I had an endometrial ablation in February, 2005 for heavy periods. I had no recovery problems; had the procedure done on a Thursday and went back to work the following Monday. For a year I had absolutely no period at all and life was great until February 2006.

I had what I thought was extreme gas pain and nothing that I did would help. I was on the floor of the bathroom, curled in a ball, begging God to make it stop. This happened at the beggining of a weekend, so I didn't contact the Dr. and by Monday the pain was gone so I didn't call thinking that it was just gas. But every month since then I have 2-3 days of intense pain. There's very little bleeding, just constant pain. I dread this more han the heavy bleeding!

I've been back to my family Dr and back to the GYN that performed the ablation. They prescribed "slightly stronger than Aleve" medication and birth control pills; but the GYN has told me that the next step is a hysterectomy and 4-6 weeks off from work. I'm worried about that option also, but I'm in pain now, so I'm going to call the Dr on Monday and start the process.

Anyone have any thoughts on hysterectomies? My mother and a few others have said that it's the best thing that has happened to them.

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Just had the Novasure preformed last month, Aug '07. Now having my first period since, Sept '07 and it has been heavy with clots and now for over a week just a lighter bleed. Is this common for the first period after the procedure? Hoping each month gets lighter and lighter.

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I had endometrial ablation last month (September). After the procedure, I was given percocet for the pain. Which was needed for the next 24hours. I was having very bad cramping. The bleeding lasted off and on for almost two weeks....Now two weeks after that (4 weeks after the actual procedure) I now have my period just as heavy as ever. I was not expecting to get my period again, but I was assuming if I did it would be VERY light. This procedure apparently did not do a freakin' thing for me. I go back to my doctor next week.

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Hi gg -- I had an endometrial ablation in May 2006 and had no periods for eight months. I am now 46; the procedure was fairly uneventful, recovery was quick and it worked wonders for those eight months, but I think because I have a fibroid growing through the wall of my uterus, which could not be scraped away, I was a special case. I'm schedule for a hysterectomy in February -- enough is enough!

Be sure to ask your doctor how many ablations he/she has performed, what type, what was her most difficult case and why, what percentage of her cases had any kind of complications. I feel a little bad about it, but I switched gynocologists to have my hysterectomy because my regular doctor is a younger woman and does not have as much experience with surgery. She did do my ablation and did a fine job, but my gut says go with someone who's done a lot more when having such serious surgery. I've chosen the doc who did my friends' hyster.

Best of luck with whatever you choose.

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I just had the Hydrothermablation (HTA) 10 days ago with a D&C - (Dec 07) and my recovery has been great - uneventful until today! This afternoon I had horrible cramps and I thought I had eaten something bad - turns out it was my period starting - right on time 3-1/2 weeks from my last period. Just like I hadn't had anything done in the operating room - hmmmm. I had to call the doctor to see if that is normal - apparently it is. I will keep my fingers crossed that this is the last time that happens - ha ha!

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I had the HTA done about 4 years ago, I am 54 now. No recovery problem just took ibuprofen or tylenol or whatever over the counter they said was ok. Very light or non existent periods since. once in a while very mild cramps.
I thank my GYN everytime I see her for being a miracle worker!! I would so do it again.

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dyerw -- if you follow this post, I'd like to see what you did. I had the ablation 8/07. It did not work; still extremely heavy periods for five months. The past two months I've suddenly had little bleeding, but experiencing pain like you described. I cannot take this every month. I'm calling the doctor tomorrow.

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I had this done December 05. Prior to that I had EXTREMELY heavy periods, large and numerous clots, and almost continuous spotting and bleeding. I once went to the drugstore and used 2 super tampons and a pad before paying for the items because I could feel myself "leaking". By the time I left the bathroom to the time I walked to the front counter to pay for the pads and tampons, blood was dripping down my legs and soaked through my clothes! After the procedure I had very mild cramps and burning sensation which tylenol took care of. I slept the rest of the day and the next day on and off due to the anesthesia. I have not had a period since. The embarrassment and emotional issues related to blood soaked clothing and having to limit activities at work and home due to the bleeding is definitely ten times worse than the procedure. I think it is a miracle! I can now do anything I want, anytime I want with no limitations! I am finally LIVING!

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Hello Ladies, I'm simply amazed at how many Women have suffered through this problem. I too had the procedure in Nov of 05, I was 49, the exact same problems, heavy bleeding, clotting, periods every two weeks, this went on for a year, saw Doc. after Doc. wanted to put me on "the Pill" did ultrasound, uterine biopsy, finally saw a Female Gyno, had the procedure done, also couldn't be happier. Now because I'm still going through Menopause, I have a feeling of fullness, and alot of GAS, getting a little concerned, of course thinking the worst, going to get checked for Ovarian Cancer, those are two of the symptoms, anyone have similar problems, please let me know, this has been going on for about a week, Thanks!

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I had the ablation less than a week ago. Still feel very tender when I move around alot.How long has it taken others to recupperate?

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I had my ablation in Dec of 2007 and have never been happier,other than I wanted it to completely stop my periods but at least they are very light and short about every other month.I had the (Her Choice)ablation which freezes the uterus and had no problems whatsoever.The discomfort was during the biopsy they have to do before that actual procedure.I would recommend to any woman.

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I am 48 and had the "Her Choice" ablation done along with a D&C due to polyps. I had bad cramping for 4 hours after the procedure and then nothing. No bleeding or anything. I had the procedure done 9/12/08 and have not had a period yet. Knock on Wood!! My doctor is wonderful! Recoop only took me really 1-2 days. I would do it again in a heartbeat to stop heavy bleeding and cramping.

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Oh my, I had no idea so many had experienced the same as me! This procedure was an absolute lifesaver for me. Literally. I was always one with heavy periods, in my teens, I would be in bed with my periods for 3 to 5 days a month. They were always 7 to 10 days and very heavy. When I was 40 the Dr. put me on a "new" pill for women over 35. Bad move on my part to keep taking them. Instead of the relief I had always had from the pill, I started having my periods every 2 weeks and much heavier. I went back and she told me to keep taking them, I was just "adjusting" to them. No change, she kept me on them for a year and then I changed doctors!! By the time I was 42, they were alsmost non stop with heavy clotting. I was pretty much stuck close to a bathroom at all times. My new Dr tried meds and hormone treatment. That would help for a few months then back to the same. He suggested the procedure but I couldn't get the time away from work at first. Finally I was so bad I had to go. My Hemoglobin was down to 5, I was severly anemic. You know you are in bad shape when you wake up in recovery and you feel better than you did when you came in. I never had any pain, required any heavy pain meds, and did not have another period until I was about 47 and had absolutly no ill effects from surgery. I did have regular, very, very light periods then for about a year, now at 49 they have completly stopped. I would do this again in a second for the relief it gave me!! To me this procedure is gold!!

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I had a novasure procedure July, '07. I was 48 at the time and had severe clotting during my periods. It was horrible!! My Dr. performed the procedure at 9:00am and my husband took me to lunch on the way home. Wonderful! No problems, no pain!
My Dr. said that at my age I would probably not have another period, but if I did, it would probably be very light. He said if I made it for one full year without having one, that would probably be it. Guess what? Exactly 11 months after the surgery, I had what I call a "five minute period". I cramped up a little and spotted for about five minutes. Then that, was that! I am so glad I did it and I would recommend it to anyone having severe problems with their periods.
Now, almost a year and a half after my surgery, I do believe I am experiencing menopause symptoms. How freakin' great is that?! Hot flashes, dry skin, forgetfullness, lack of attention. You name it, I have it.

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Can anyone give any input on the hormonal side effects of PMS after this procedure. Does it eliminate those also, or just the bleeding? Thanks in advance.

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Hi :) I'm 40 years old, and I had my ablation (the burning one) & tubal ligation in May 2008 after years of suffering with endometriosis. Thank God, for the past 8 months, my periods have been MUCH lighter, lasting for less days, but still on the same 3-4 week cycle. My cramps have also been eliminated. But...the current one did not come until 6 weeks and 2 days. I got remarried in November, so I was pretty worried that my "double" protection had somehow failed. There's also the chance that I'm entering perimenopause. My doctor's office told me that not getting a period could happen, and to "relax and enjoy life." But, I must say that I was happy when it arrived. I know the criteria for getting an ablation is not wanting to have any more children, so if you're in that category, in my opinion this is a good option and it worked for me. I am very pleased with the results, and next time I miss a period, I will probably not worry at all :D

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I was supposed to have the Novasure ablation in the doctor's office yesterday for chronic heavy bleeding and anemia. I did not expect it to hurt so much! The doctor started with a hysteroscopy, and then a d & c. Both were so painful that I couldn't go on with the ablation. Doc said he couldn't get part of my uterus numb, even after morphine, valium, tramadol, and double doses of cervical blocks. I'm 53 and have been bleeding heavily my whole life. I keep thinking that at my age, it will stop any minute but there seems to be no end in sight.

I'd advise anyone considering ablation to do it in a hospital setting rather than the doctor's office, so they can put you under if it gets too uncomfortable.

One good thing came out of the pain for me: I realized that the almost constant pain that I've been having for several years, for which doctors couldn't locate a cause, has actually been menstrual cramping on a less intense level than what I had during the procedure.

Does anyone know if ablation stops pain? Or is hysterectomy is the only option left? This pain and hemorrhaging is really impacting my life!

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I had the HTA procedure done in March 06 for same reason everyone else mentions. Up until August last year, life was great. I felt fantastic, very little bleeding, regular cycle, and was able to lose weight. It was amazing how good I felt after years of painful, heavy periods. Then came August, intense pain, mostly on the right side. Bleeding stopped completely. Cycle was still regular. By January, cycle was every 2-3 weeks and pain was unbearable. I too went to ER thinking appendicitis, but thanks to a long drive, by the time we got there, the motrin I took earlier began to work and we went home. When I saw the dr. she said it isn't that uncommon among women like me who had also had a tubal ligation. She said for some reason the blood flows up into the tubes instead of out, and since the tubes are tied, there's nowhere for it to go, so it swells the tube which causes the pain.

My choices? Go on the pill, get a hysterectomy, or pain management. I chose pain management, she wrote a script for oxy w/ibuprofen. Right. They must know how severe the pain is. That was January. Now April and the pain is random and long lasting. My "period" lasts about 10 days - just pain, mostly right side. During the other week, the pain comes and goes. After about 21 days, "period" starts again. This is worse than any of the heavy bleeding I had in the past.

While online I explored a little and see that women who had a total hysterectomy also experience "cramping" which the doctors attribute to scar tissue. I have a friend who tried to describe this to me, but I thought it was all in her head! I'm on the verge of this last resort and read this. To top it all off, my mom is under treatment for stage 4 ovarian cancer.

What I want to know is this: why can't the doctors be upfront and tell you all the possible side effects of these procedures. After my tubal I found out many women get worse cramping afterwards - like me - but the dr. never mentioned it. I've cramped since I was 11 years old, am almost 50 and am so over all of this!

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I am 51 and had endometrial ballon ablation 8 weeks ago. For the past week I feel like I have my period but I have no bleeding. My breasts are tender and sore. Headaches and cramps off and on. I was talking depo-vera before for 6 months but did not feel like myself. So my obgyn recommended endo/ablation and right now I am regretting it. I did not have very heavy bleeding prior to these 2 solutions. I did have a fibroid which caused extreme pain for 2 or 3 periods.
I researched ablation but did not know these awful side effects and have now read they could last a year.

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Thank you for your feedback. I am getting ready to do this procedure this friday. I have been bleeding for 47 days straight I have experienced fatigue tired weightgain and just helpless. I have had this happen three times once a year was controlled by birth control pills but not this time. I can hardly wait just to proceed with my life and exercise and eat right. Did anyone experience Weight gain?

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I'm on my 7th year of no period after my ablation. Doc says I will probably never have another one, either. 80% of her patients never have another period after their procedure. LOVE life now...I'm 44....


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I had the procedure done about 2005, and it was amazing! I had no cramping, no ill effects at all. Had the procedure in the morning, and was out shopping by that evening, with no feeling of just having had surgery. I was lucky and mine ended my periods completely, never a sign of them again. I highly recommend this procedure for women with problem periods, it gave me a new life free of pain and cramps 2 weeks out of each month.

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I had an endometrial ablation yesterday. Today I am a little sore (taking Tylenol X-tra strength) and have only had 4 today (this is late evening). Yesterday though was a different story. At the hospital the whole surgical team was great, from the surgeon to the nurses and the doc that gives the good drugs to make you go sleepy and very comfortable. Afterwards when I awoke the nurses were fantastic. I was asked about pain and at the time I could feel it but not having come down from the operation room drugs I thought just normal tylenol would do me. No one disagreed or suggested anything. When my husband picked me up I was getting even more sore but thought once I got home I could take a couple more Tylenol and it would settle down. After arriving home and settling into bed, I did two tylenols ... about an hour and a half later I did 3 tylenol ... OMG, I was in such pain that the tylenol was hardly touching it at all. I had cramping from my boobs to my knees. It reminded me of labour! As the night continued I did 4 more tylenol which I know is way too much, but it's all I had in the house. The bleeding yesterday was like a not bad period day (and I've had many flood days) and today it is only a tinge of blood with clear fluid in it. My pain has subsided enough that tylenol is plenty for it. The only thing I would want different at this point is to have been told what pain I would be in and advised to bring home a stronger pain killer, even just enough for the first 12 hours.

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I had a hysteroscopy, D&C and uterine ablation (electrical) the end of February. I only experience cramping once - woke me up during the night on Day 8. Other than that, it was nothing. My reason for the ablation was similar to many of yours - didn't have a period for 5 months, then one more on than off for almost 2 months. Was time for my yearly, so off I went. My doctor (of 30 years) told me if it cranked up again to come back. I was back in two weeks, when his office did a v. ultrasound. Discovered one small fibroid. Slight thickening of the uterine lining.

After the ablation, he said everything looked good. Went home that afternoon with an RX for 5mg Percocet. I only took 1 every 8 hours the first four days. Then cut it in half.

He called the following week and said the path reports showed complex atypica endometrial hyperplasia. 30% go on to become uterine cancer. Not something I wanted to sit and watch. He had already contacted the gyn oncologist. Both suggested hysterectomy

So two weeks ago I had a DaVinci system hysterectomy. Path reports came back with still (even though the recent ablation) some complex hyperplasia in the uterus - none had crossed over to cancer. No way to tell if what was cancer before the ablation.

But I'm able to sleep now knowing my 30% chance of cancer is now a 99% cured.

My point for posting is so everyone knows that even at 50yo, it is not always normal to stop having periods, then experience heavy bleeding. There is no cancer of any kind in the females of my family. Just be aware!


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Hi. I am scheduled to have the burning ablation on August 5th of 2011 due to heavy and painful menses. The only test my OB/GYN did was an ultrasound of my uterus. I have 2 very small cysts but he said they were not the reason for my heavy periods. He will not know the cause of my heaving and painful menses until after the procedure. I am hesitant for several reasons now. #1: scared of going under general anesthia #2: I have been on 2 different forms of birth control for the past 2 years. With both they do great at first then 2 weeks into them I get breakthrough bleeding. Currently I've been bleeding for almost a month now sometimes light but mostly heavy like a normal period. What freaks me out is after the ablation my doctor says I have to stay on birth control to prevent pregnancy. Well I had my first and only child via IVF-donor eggs because apparently I was already going through premature menopause due to very low follicle counts in both my ovaries. Hubbie and I had tried to get pregnant on our own for 2 1/2 years before doing IVF. BC does not do well with me at all. I stopped taking my BC yesterday! I was having frequent heart palpitations, increase blood pressure, swollen feet, ankles and hands, the heavy uterine bleeding, headaches, weight gain. I do not want to continue birth control either. I don't know what to do.

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Lynn Marie

I'm so glad I found this post! I had my ablation 4 days ago, but I don't know what kind it was. The anesthesia was super easy and I walked out of the hospital less than two hours after I woke up. The watery discharge has gotten less bloody, but not completely blood free. All the web sites say this should only last a couple of days, but I suspect they were written by men.

I am 43 and had a tubal 11 years ago, so pregnancy wasn't a consideration.

Lisa Clark, if you haven't had it done yet, ask for a tubal at the same time. Double protection from pregnancy without hormones.

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I had the "scalding hot saline" type of ablation on august 23, 2011. I am 46. I Had minor cramping post op, but nothing that couldn't be relieved by stretching and NOTHING near my "normal" periods. My doctor did mention that he would be numbing me locally before he finished up, and prepared me for pain the next few days, arming me w 2 weeks of percoset. I took my chances and never took any of the pain meds (percoset causes constipation!) and NEVER had the first cramp, pain or anything after the first 8 hours. Only a monster headache from the anesthsia. I have been battling anemia, fatigue and debilitating cramps and hemmoraging type cycles for all of my life!!! It's been 3 weeks now with very little drainage. My energy level is like it was 20 years ago since about the third day post op! I am a new person. I have even been able to cut my antidepressent. Apparantly it wasn't depression, but simple red cell depletion. I have had no cramps, as my cramps always came with the large clots passing. I did refuse to have my tubes tied, because I believe less tampering is better. My doc did an anti-muelleran (sp) test and agreed my chances of pregancy is next to null anyhow. Don't be discouraged by the horror stories!!! Some of the people w pain and cramping after ablation may very well have ovarian cysts causing the pain. There's remedys for that too!

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I need help. I am 49 years old. I have had extremely heavy periods where I can't be away from a bathroom for more than an hour and I can't make it through the night without getting up continuously. I had an ablation about four years ago. The kind with the scalding water. It never worked. Every year I would go back for a transvaginal ultra sound and they would tell me my lining was at the top end of normal but not normal for someone who had an ablation. I went back about a year ago as my gyno told me they have a new one out that uses radio frequescies or something like that. Again...nothing. Was due to get my period the day after the abation and I got it full force and then again every month heavy again. Ultra sound again showed my lining at the top end of normal for someone who never had this done. Changed gyno's. All my hormone testing I'm told was in normal range. Anyway, I was then put on the pill. Loestrin24. It was like I had a new lease on life. My periods weren't lite but what I would think a normal person would have. Changing every two hours on heavy days. I could live with that. Anyway, after about seven months, I started bleeding and kept bleeding for a solid month. My gyno told me to come off since I wasn't using it for birth control, just to cut down on the bleeding. She then recommended a new pill that's out that you take for five days during your period. That kind of worked but I didn't like the way I was feeling. I just started the pill again today. Now it's the loloestrin. I'm just so frustated. I think there must be something wrong as to why my lining keeps coming back really thick after TWO ablations. No one seems to be able to determine why. Any thoughts??

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Confused!! Looking for answers!! I had a abulation done in 2006.No problems at all.Had minor brown spotting.Forgot to mention that I am 55 years old.I have been period free till this morning.I have had all the hot flashes and night sweats and figure I had gone through Menopause.Last 2 weeks no hot flashes or night sweats but my breasts had gotten larger and were very tender(just like the begining of each of my 5 pregnancys).Woke up to heavy red bleeding but no cramping.WTH!! I was never told periods could come back after a 6 year abscence.Does this mean I have not gone thru menopause yet!!! I had my last child at 40 and had my tubes done at 42.I hope someone reads this and can give me some answers.I no longer have health insurance nor doctors!! :((

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Ablations create scar tissue. Scar tissue can not form a lining on the walls of your uterus (a period) However, if during the ablation there was a spot missed(and this does happen - somewhere on that consent form that we all signed that listed the risks from the procedure- this is listed I promise you.) back to the missed spot - it is still live tissue and live tissue will continue to grow a lining still causing a period. A usually lighter period, but a period just the same. A very small percentage of these can grow large and cause severe pain - THESE ARE THE ONES TO WORRY ABOUT CALL THE DOCTOR GET A CT. Unfortunately for me my doctor said if this develops with me we are going in for a hysterectomy. Due to the fact that there is nothing he can do to access the live tissue because of all the scar tissue, another ablation would not help because it would stay the same size and continue causing the pain. So Hysto or live with pain.
for an earlier post:
There is no reason to get your tubes tied if you have an ablation- there is nothing for the embryo to attach to. (FYI: getting your tubes tied has actually caused more women to develop heavier, longer, more painful periods.) Somewhere it states irreversible - not for women who wish to have children, not a form of birth control, infertile.

for pattyo: menopause comes in three stages that can last for years. The ablation was probably the "period free" reason, but unfortunately it has no effect on our hormones. So we still have to go through the night sweats, hotflashes, and all the other "goodies." They can come for months, then disappear for weeks. However, I would be concerned about the heavy bright red bleeding after not having anything after the ablation. You should really see a GYN. Call ahead and try to set up a payment plan, or see if they offer a discount to pay in full up-front customers. Look for some type of walk in clinic they are usually cheaper and they can refer you to a GYN ASAP if needed.
If this post sounded ugly or smart I did not mean it that way. I tend to get very upset when women do not ask questions and let doctors go right ahead with what they think is best. Write down all you questions and try to remember to take them to every appointment. Read them to someone before you go to see if you have left anything out. Please remember to ask, ask, ask and if you still get that big medical dictionary terminology - tell them to draw you a picture. If you still don't understand it fully tell them you would like to speak to the nurse. Everyone of these posts were cover by my doctor before he would even let me say okay to the procedure and his nurse called 2 days before to make sure I didn't have any questions, then asked me again when they called with my appt reminder.

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I had the Novasure ablation in December of 2010 and it has been a miracle. I've had a tiny bit of spotting and cramping on random months but otherwise no periods. My perimenopausal periods were considerably worse than the previous thirty years. Nausea, dizziness, flooding and cramping that I could not stand up or walk through.

I did have a lot of surface pain after the procedure but that is because I have Vulvodynia. I also have Interstitial Cystitis. I didn't need painkillers though I used cold compresses and I took Pyridium.

I would recommend the Novasure ablation to anyone. My previous Gyn only did the manual one that required general anesthesia and a hospital stay and had a higher risk of failure and complications and though he offered it to me five years prior it seemed too drastic. Our insurance changed and new Gyn did Novasure which I was familiar with due to friends having it done. They are happy too.

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