how bad can menopause be?

beauty2009May 3, 2011

Hi Ladies, well just how bad can menopause be everybody has a different story mine is by no means unique, before iwas 40 i was slim sexy goodlooking and able to pull and hang on to (with ease) a georgeous hunky guy I was 34 he was 17 I was the envy of all my girlfriends now i am 48 he is 29 and he loves me no matter what my menopausal symptoms are no matter just how bad the physical and mental symptoms are its do- able, really , I have chronic hot sweats , panic attacks , i pee myself (weak bladder), I am not keen on sex (i couldnt get enough of it b4 meno ), im tired , i weep at the most stupid things , i constantly toil with should i shouldnt i (HRT),i have high blood pressure (he worries about this), i bombard him with remedies cures moans complaints worries and i constantly complain im fat bloated and ugly and old is this ringing any bells girls , He listens he reassures and he loves me and makes me feel comfortable in my skin , given all these things i know it is a horrible transition but i want you all to know it is do-able with the love and care and honesty of loved ones who do and can understand what we are going through talk they say is cheap but i find its not its a very worthwhile and helpful way of copeing some days good some days bad i dont know if there is a light at the end of this tunnel but i hope so love and regards to you all girls .xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Dear beauty2009,

Well spoken! I'm 50 I started menopause 7 years ago. The last 2 years being the worst. Panic and anxiety attacks, sweats, tremors, insomnia, crying, bloat, sadness, off-balanced, head rushes, etc. Been to many doctors had many tests. More than I could list. I am on Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Works for some symptoms not all. My body can't seem to hold on to estrodial. I am currently working with a lovely doctor who is trying to help me. I am taking lots of supplements along with hormones. She found out I have a leaky blood brain barrier due to gluten allergy which I never knew I had. I could go on and on but what I want to say is you are right. My husband and I have been married almost 26 years. He has been my rock. I have shed many a tear on his shoulder. He has listened to me for endless hours and has taken me to most of my
doctor appts. The only thing that is getting me through this hell is his true love. I don't even know how to thank him. I will love him until the day I die. So yes love is a very powerful medicine in trying to heal and cope.

I wish you the very best. I feel your pain and know you have been posting for a long time. I hope the light shines upon all us menopausal sufferers soon.


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Hi lostnj Terry, so nice to read your post how lovely to find a kindred soul so full of love and appreciation for your husband so many ladies out there just do not seem to get the love , understanding and total support that we are so fortunate to bathe in .
If everyone was in the position we are fortunate to be in maybe then this time in our lives would be easier to bear i feel all the pain that all women feel when going through this time thank god we are in time when women can share and men can if they try truly empathise with our enduring plight i live in england and i think that advances in meno care are way behind the understanding which your doctors in america seem to have and may i just say while im here god bless america for ridding the world of an evil murderer it sends a true message of hope for the world i speak for all english people maybe some peace now for all the sad loss to all the families who,s loved ones were taken by the murderer who was to all of us a total coward.
Keep your chin up stay in love keep on truckin xxx shelly

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hey there beauty and lostnj,
Just reading the posts and loving the fact that as usual, I realise I am not alone. I have been living with my symptoms for 10 years and my husband has had to put up with my wingeing and crying and constant moans about not feeling right. He's also been brilliant and I think we are really lucky to have found men who really care about us. My husband is 8 years younger than me (hes nearly 43) and I feel so bad for him cos our sex life isn't what it used to be. I had a fantastic sex life in my early 40's!. I'm not taking HRT and I take lots of supplements. I have also had quite bad vaginal dryness and itching and I found that organic Aloe vera gel has worked wonders for the itching and I have also been recommended to use a lubricant called Silk which is all natural. I really trust the lady who recommended it so I am going to give it try. She was also the one who told me to use Aloe vera. I have occassional hot flashes during the day but I still have unbelievable flashes during the night. Strangely, in the past week I am constantly cold during the day and am finding it difficult to keep warm. I also have cold spots on my skin which is really bizzare. Today I had light headedness and just felt that odd out of it way I sometimes get. I have got to the point where I am sick and tired hearing myself complain about how I'm feeling so I say nothing these days and pretend I'm fine. I still get overwhelming tiredness and some nights I'm in bed by 9 and out cold. I'm hoping this is all going to stop this year as I haven't had a period for 16 months. Sorry for going on a bit. Keep well both of you and hang on in there. Susan

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Hi hun49 nice to know im not the only one who moans so no period for 16 months thats good hope they stay that way for you im always tired ive hadloads of muscle aches this last week in my legs and pain under my armpit again but iv had tests on that so i know theres nowt wrong with it really but it does bother me a lot its a pain getting up everyday with a new ache n pain have gotten some sleep tho last 2 nights i dont get the lighthead unless im on the bp tablets which i now refuse to take im going au natural at mo and feel a bit better for it looking forward to me holiday next friday that should perk me up a bit take care shellt x

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I found this site and I thank God I did. All your posts have made me feel better about how I've been feeling. I am 45 years old and this past year I have felt like life wasn't worth living anymore. The anxiety, depression, mood swings, constant crying. Today has been one of the worse so far. Because of the insomnia and feeling sick I have literally felt like if I can't ever be normal and happy again I don't want to live. I won't hurt myself but I find myself wishing I would rather die than to feel this way. I joined this site just so I could tell all of you who took the time to write about your story. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. And from your stories I realized something important. I need to find a new doctor and not give up. Giving up just makes it worse. Again thank you so much for your stories.

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