accuracy of FSH test?

janMDMay 7, 2003

Was at my dr. a couple of wks. ago and the number for FSH bloodtest was 58. She told me that meant I was in menopause, but to use birth control for a yr. I had not had a period in 6 mos. After much discussion, I agreed to try HRT. Ordered from my mail-order pharmacy service. The DAY I received them, I started a period!!! I have tried calling my dr. to ask questions. They promised she would call before noon yesterday. Stayed within earshot of the phone all day. You guessed it... no call. Now I have to be a pest and go through the whole story with the nurse again.

In the meantime, does anyone know the accuracy of this bloodtest? I researched on webmd and it says 'over 50' means a woman is past menopause. Is it a mistake to start HRT too early?

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It said over 50 means a woman is past menopause? That does not sound right to me. I went through it recently. I had been without a period since last June. Finally had blood work and my progesterone was really low and estrogen was really low. My doctor said was I through with it. I am 45. I think the hormones fluctuate, so I am not sure about your FSH test. Talk to your doctor about it. Do you have any symptoms? hot flashes? night sweats? Also, research HRT on the internet as well as talking to your doctor about it.

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You didn't say why you want to take HRT. Are you having problems. I am nearly 56 and still have the occasional period (about every 2 - 3 months). My FSH test shows me to not be in menopause though clearly I am. I don't have any of the symptoms of menopause and if it stays that way I am certainly not going to be looking at HRT

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Gandbb - So what does your FSH test show?

I finally talked to my dr. She wants me to have an ultrasound. My mother had problems for 15 yrs and finally had a hysterectomy. I think it was fibroid tumors all those yrs.

I am concerned about osteoporosis because of family history. I've had mild hot flashes for several months, but I can live with that. I'm also concerned about hair loss. I'm am following my mother's history w/ that and she has lost lots of hair in the front. I know it bothers her. I know HRT is very controversial and have discussed it at length with my dr.

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I have hair loss - I didn't know that HRT helped with that. Most of my hair loss occured over about a 3 month period about 8 years ago. It was at exactly the same time as I started taking birth control pills to control my heavy, heavy periods. It doesn't seem to be getting worse. I don't worry about osteoporosis because it is the one and only good thing about being fat - it keeps a steady pressure on the bones so they remain reasonably strong. I guess I need to ask my Dr. more questions. I really don't know that much about the FSH test. I do have fibroids though and for years have had the hideous periods that go with that condition.

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