Don't Know if You're Perimenopausal?

dee_can1May 11, 2008

I figured I was perimenopausal with the way I've been feeling for quite awhile. I'm in my forties, so it's to be expected. Anyway, I had hormone blood tests done, and it seems I'm not near menopause at this stage, so does this rule out perimenopause? I'm not sure.

But, I did find out I have Hashimoto's, which is a thyroid disease that causes hypothyroidism, which explains a lot of my symptoms. Depression, extreme anxiety, feeling like a ton of bricks fell on me, etc. Maybe there is some perimenopause symptoms mixed in, for good measure (sarcasm because I'm tired of feeling this way). Maybe some of you guys are experiencing some thyroid problems, too, because some of the symptoms I read here points to it.

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dee, yes hypothyroidism does have some symptoms that are very similar to perimenopausal symptoms. I'm almost 53 and my doctor says my hormone levels are not yet showing any signs of approaching menopause, so I keep thinking it's thyroid disease! But my thyroid levels are always normal, so it's frustrating to think "gee, imagine how much worse I'll feel when I become menopausal, or if I do get thryroid disease.

My mother and all my sisters have thyroid disease, so I think I'm going to ask my doctor to do more specific blood tests, because I've heard you can have certain thyroid antibodies that cause symptoms, while still maintaining a normal thyroid level. Hope you'll feel better once your thyroid medication kicks in.

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pickyshopper, that's exactly right. My thyroid test (TSH) always indicated I was 'normal'. Finally I asked for the full thyroid panel including Free T3, Free T4 and the antibodies, and it showed I have the Hashimoto's which was indicated by the high antibodies.

Thanks for your well-wishes.

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