Need ideas for island side panel

YuliaOJanuary 28, 2014

We are doing ikea kitchen in abstract white (glossy). The island is two cabinets attached back to back (sorry for my poor English, i'll attach a photo to better explain the situation) The cabinets are 25 and 12 inch deep.

The problem is - ikea does not sell covers that wide. And it does not sell 2 covers that would cover the side. So we would have to buy 2 panels and cut one of them to fit. Not a pretty view.

I need to find an idea on how to cover it nicely. This side faces the kitchen entrance and i want it to be pretty.. We have a fridge on the other side, so i can't put bookshelves, it would be too narrow.

The only idea i have is cover it with adhesive chalkboard paper. 3 problems - my husband might not like the idea of chalk on the new shiny kitchen, we entertain a lot, and i don't want people standing by the island get chalk on them�And also there is an electrical outlet on that side and i am not sure i want my kids drawing around it�

I need some creative (or practical) ideas, please!!

sorry this photo is not very pretty

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You could do a waterfall countertop like this...

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Sophie Wheeler

Get a piece of 1/4" MDF and cut it to size. Color match an IKEA panel at a local real paint store and very carefully roll on the paint onto the panel, maybe adiing some floertol to help it settle out better. Glue it to the cabinet ends with a bit of construction adhesive and a few brad nails.

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zeitgeist, thank you! i didn't know the name of that kind of countertop, so i couldn't google itâ¦
I am having some doubts, thoughâ¦What do i do with the outlet? Would soapstone (mine is pretty soft) chip, from chairs banging (sp?)ectâ¦And i am not sure if it would look too massive?

hollysprings, i am not sure i can match the fronts with paintâ¦its glossy white foil i guessâ¦plastic looking i would say

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I had a similar problem (IKEA Lidingo) with a peninsula end, and did something similar to what Hollysprings suggested; except it was mdf beadboard painted to match.

For the backside I used Lidingo doors, but they were not quite wide enough, so I used 1 x 2 pieces of painted mdf as fillers between each door and it almost looks custom... :)

If you have trouble matching the finish (sheen) on a painted panel, I wonder if a high gloss clear finish could be used over the paint?


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I just went into my kitchen and measured my white glossy IKEA panels covering the backs of my cabinets. They're 30 1/4" x 67".

Did I get the last two?

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I second waterfall counter. An experienced fabricator can cut for the outlet

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Buy 2 18"W x 30" H doors and attach them. It will appear to be a 36" cabinet.

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Waterfalls look nice, but the corners are kinda scary & harsh looking.

Ikea carries 36" x 96" (3' x 8') panels that are intended to be cut down for custom cases like this, but you need something 37-38" wide, finished on both ends, so I don't think the large panel will work for you.

I think I'd just abut two separate cover panels. I don't think you'll notice the seam.

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Agree the outlet isn't an issue but soapstone might be. Caesarstone Piatra Gray is pretty close to the look of soapstone but waterfalls read pretty modern unlike ss.

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robo (z6a)

I'd say the oven panel 36x96 inches would get you there. How would your island look with a 36" wide cover on the side? It seems all it wouldn't cover would be the sides of the doors.

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i think i'll let my contractor do that (2 panels), and if it looks horrible i'll start thinking about something elseâ¦

The waterfall countertop comes to about extra $800, not sure i can spend this much right nowâ¦

i was thinking about ikea PAX wardrobe, i wonder how wide are the doorsâ¦i think they come in abstract whiteâ¦maybe i could cut one of the doors

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I don't think the PAX white is the same as the Abstrakt white, although it might work anyway.

What about getting two doors to total 36", and use a bit of deco strip to fill in between them or around the edges?

One problem with the Abstrakt material is that it's tricky to cut it cleanly. I used the deco strips as a crown molding and the mitered edges are a little rough. See tops of cabinets in picture below - the top right corner is a mitered piece of deco strip that wraps around to the side of the cabinet.

You could also post on to see if they have any ideas.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ikea 36-inch cabinet doors

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