My Husband Can Be Such A Jerk Sometimes!

jenniferwMarch 20, 2009

Hi...I'm not a regular on this board but I've been a member of the Grieving Board for a number of years now. I'm having a problem with my husband of 3 years lately. We are BOTH stressed over money and life in general but he feels like he's the only one "allowed" to go out and vent. It's not that he's controlling or anything. I can go out whenever I want and "vent", however I choose to stay home and try to find solutions to our problems. I'm just so tired of his attitude. It seems like he thinks he's the only one going through this stressful time. I'm to the point where I want to claw his eyes out if he plays the "poor me" card ONE MORE TIME! Tonight we were supposed to have an intimate night. He went out for what was supposed to be a couple of hours but that turned into 4 hours. He now wonders WHY I'm upset. He says the night is still young. Well, not for me you drunk fool! WTF? I'm stressed and pissed and want to cry right now! Any advice?

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What do you mean by "go out and vent"?
Do you mean go bar hopping/drinking?

If he is abusing alcohol it needs to be addressed. If the problem is just that he prefers to go out without you then I would want to know why.
Do you ever go out together?

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What are the boys doing for him that your not? Feeling like he belongs? Togetherness? Something in common?

Most guys would hurry home to have sex.....and yours doesn't...try to reflect on what's going on here.

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Why don't you go out together?

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