On the Road to Feeling Better

valeriecraftyMay 11, 2008

I just thought I would let everyone know that I was feeling better...after a month of doctors and feeling so bad that I couldnt barely function...I finally found a doctor who listened to what I said......and didnt want to put me on xanax or anti depressants.....first of all I found out that this was not a good time to lose 35 pds( during early menopause) since estrogen is stored in our fat cells...and mine was already low then add the fact that I lost 35 pds..she then sent me to a GI doctor who found ulcers...so now that Im being treated for them I feel better....I also read a great Book "When your hormones go haywire"...I learned alot from it...I have been following the diet which is eating a hypogycemia diet....every 2-3 hrs...protein and complex carb....I just think that Doctors should start paying more attention to women..We arent crazy!! Valerie

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I agree Valerie. We are NOT crazy. We are women with very real physical things going on as our bodies change.


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I agree with both of you ladies, I feel like I want to end it all, I'm having the same symptoms, and now I'm going in a week to see a female doc. and get a physical, I just don't care about anything anymore, I know I should exercise, but working 4-10's and getting up at 4:30 AM I'm totally exhausted, I also take vitamins, plus Mega EFA'S , Lysine and additional C, any suggestions would be appreciated, Thanks, Susan

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I am new to this forum. Didn't know where to start until I saw Susan's post. I am 54 and started menopause when I was 48. Up until that point, I was working a 40 hour week, going to school 1-2 times a week, dancing 1-2 times a week, and taking care of my son. Then, menopause hit. I felt awful. My symtoms -- hot flashes, anixety, and totally exhausted. I exercised, not over weight (129 lbs), ate a vegetarian diet with protein and still felt bad. When that didn't work, I had a complete phyical, everything was fine. A friend recommended acuputure. I did that with natural herbs that the acupuncturist gave me. Did that for a year -- it never helped. I dragged from day to day. Then my GYN said to try Activella. I do not like taking it, but it is the only thing that works. However, I still do not feel like the same person. My 78 year old mother has more energy then I do.

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Hi Hotpot,
I'm 54 and have been in surgical menopause for 21 years. I absolutely refuse to suffer. So I use bioidentical hormones. They come in different delivery methods: patches, creams, gels, troches and subcutaneous pellets. I have estrogen and testosteron subcutaneous pellets implanted under the skin of my hip.

These have drastically changed my life for the better.

I recommend seeing a doctor that specialized in bioidentical hormones. Life is too short to not enjoy it to the fullest.

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