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publickmanAugust 11, 2014

Here is a photo my sister took at my pizza party, which shows a so-worker helping me top one of the pizzas. She was the only one who was helpful with topping the pizzas. My sister volunteered to help, but she did a terrible job, and so I stopped her. She also took a lot of very unflattering photos, and some of my friends were not happy about that!

The photo was taken in Kevin's art studio, which has access to the patio and also has a skylight, which gives it very good lighting. I'm wearing an apron that I received from loves2cook4six and is embroidered with "Lars Cooks With Fire" on it. I changed clothes after I was done cooking the pizzas - I normally would not wear a white T-shirt at a party, but it was hot that day (in the mid 80s), and I needed to keep cool. Kevin took better party photos, and he posted them on his facebook page.


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I'm sure no one wants to boot their own sibling when they are trying to be helpful, but sometimes no help is better than bad help

Glad you found someone to help you, Lars. Hope the pizza party was a success!

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My sister is good at some things and not at others. I'm a Pisces and she's a Virgo, and so sometimes we are just simply opposites. She gets a bit carried away when she starts cleaning, and I do not want things rearranged. I place a high priority on aesthetics and taste, and she places a high priority on time management and cold efficiency. That's why she's a banking lawyer and I'm a designer.

Everyone had a good time at the party, and my sister mostly stayed outside, which is where most of the guests stayed most of the time. Our yard is a lot nicer than our house, I think, and on hot days, it's more pleasant to be outside. The only bad thing was that Kevin's guests did not show up. My sister was impressed that the CEO of the company I work for attended. She got along well with him, but he gets along with everyone. My dentist also showed up!


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There is no challenge throwing an outdoor party in your area. You always have perfect weather. LOL!

I don't do Facebook, so I can't see other pictures.

Was that Michael Lynton CEO? Very impressed. When I was at Sony's cafeteria, my friend pointed out to me, across the way to the Executive dining side; the CEO was lunching there.


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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

Pizza is so easy to do at a party. At ours, I make the dough from leftover sour dough starter.

1 1/2 c mature Sourdough starter
1 T olive oil
1 t Salt
1 1/2 c Flour

Now I wing this a lot. It's basically equal parts starter and flour with some olive oil and salt........ That's where it gets fun. It always turns out, but you could just buy pizza dough.

Everyone gets a ball of dough to roll out in any shape they want. These are flopped on a hot grill for a minute, flipped over to grill the other side, given back to the artist who then oils and tops them with whatever they wish. I have bowls with various toppings set out. Pizza's go back on the grill on the side with NO fire, lid down, and they bake for 8-10 min.

Always fun, and then we sometimes have contests as to whose is the best. This photo is all I had. We wanted plain old fresh mozzarella/basil/tomato that night. The breakfast ones are really cool!

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What fun. The CEO was there? I'll bet your pizza is worthy of a raise!

Too hot outside?? Try 95 degrees and 87% humidity.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

If you want to impress the CEO this fall or winter, throw a "Stone Soup" Party. Google Stone Soup if you don't know what that is.

Everyone brings something from their fridge, and it all cooks in a big pot. We served ours in bread bowls. This was so impressive, our international company did it in all their offices! We invited customers, and it was a HUGE hit.

Of course, we had a big kitchen in our offices. This promotes community participation. Everyone feels good and there is no pressure to bring something expensive. Our stone soup was killer good! Some brought sausage and bacon, onions, carrots, potatoes, pasta, herbs, canned stuff... OH MY! Helps to have a list of ideas of what to bring......

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It wasn't the Sony CEO (where Kevin works) - it was the CEO at the furniture company where I work. Kevin did take our sister to the Sony cafeteria and gave her a "back lot" tour.

It is not my goal to impress anyone - just to make food that I like and that others may also like. People were impressed with Kevin's art, however - those who had not seen it before, and it would be nice if he could sell some of it, since we have more than we have room for in our modest house. The one thing I try to impress people with is the comfort and functionality of the back yard. People did very much enjoy that. It is so tranquil and relaxing there that my dentist stayed much longer than I expected. She seemed to be chilling out after a morning at the office - she works half days on Saturdays.

The CEO did say that he appreciated my "artesanal pizza"! We'll see if I get a raise - he is not my boss - I report directly to the owner, and she is also his boss.

We do have pot luck lunches at work for certain holidays, such as Thanksgiving, and those are fun, but I would not want to host one at my house. I could host an after-hours Happy Hour, however!

Here's a photo of Kevin and BIL at the Sony lot:

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looks like a terrific party and your pizza sounds delicious. I enjoy your posting of pics of your real life. Too bad for me that I dont do Facebook either.

I remember there was a California meeting of cf people a while back. You posted a bit of Kevin's paintings. I liked seeing his work, then. I am a very mediocre Sunday painter, kind of lapsed! But art makes me happy and is important in my life. Way more than cooking or eating, blasphemous here.

Thanks for posting, Lars. Very enjoyable.

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Cute pic Lars! I like your glasses! :) Party sounds like a blast.

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