lizbeth-gardenerAugust 15, 2013

What do you prefer for breadcrumbs? homemade? if so, how?

Or do you just buy? if so, what brand/ type?

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I have a zip lock baggie in the freezer of breadcrumbs Odds and ends of breads/buns go in the food processor then dumped in the freezer bag.

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I do not buy. Even a store bought loaf of bread works. Freeze a few end slices and/or a few slices when purchased fresh... slow toast. In the oven on low heat until very dry and then cool. Place in a zip lock or any bag and roll over with a rolling pin. Freeze for later if needed.
A purchased cream cracker or even a saltine works fine.
We bake our own bread but when in a pinch any crispy cracker works. I use different bread crumbs for various recipes. Panko is the only one i have purchased.

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I prefer fresh bread crumbs. Either made with my homemade bread or bakery bought. The flavour and texture is much better than Panko.

Just pulse the bread in food processor or blender.


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I keep a container in the freezer, too, which gets converted as needed. What a good use for less-than-perfect bread, heels that don't get eaten, and I've even converted bread failures into breadcrumbs (waste not, want not). Even though we're wheat-free now, breadcrumbs are an important ingredient for so many things.

I made Breadcrumb Brownies this week using fresh breadcrumbs. I've also used breadcrumbs for pancakes and an old-fashioned recipe for Gingerbread. These are recipes I've used for years and have successfully used them with wheat-based breads as well as my homemade wheat-free breads. Wasted food = wasted money.

I'll grate some frozen pieces on a box grater - which makes quick work of the task, or run it through the mini-food processor, cut it in cubes and toast and season them for "stuffing".... I try to keep both dry and fresh breadcrumbs in the freezer.


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When I was a kid, my Grandmother ALWAYS had a big bowl of future bread crumbs working. Odds/ends, stuff that was starting to stale. Once it was totally dry she'd pull out her old-fashioned hand-grinder and put 1 or more of us grandkids to work cranking chunks into crumbs.

I do the same thing. Can't even remember last time I actually PAID for bread crumbs. One of supermarkets I frequent always has a "day old" rack of nice things from their in-store bakery. Often FAR from stale but discounted for other reasons. Have seen packages of 6-8 nice big muffins where one was a bit squished... that's all. When I know I'm getting low on bread crumbs, will buy a bag of nice rolls or a crusty bread off this rack and start a new batch. I let food processor do the grinding.

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Once in a while I like to use my bread heels for croutons. dice them up and saute them with butter and a little garlic salt. If I'm lazy I tear them up and lay on the bird feeder. They disappear in a hurry.

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