perimenopausal and graves disease

FrancescaThomasMay 8, 2012

Hi there,

My name is Francesca Thomas. I just joined this forum today. I live in Canada and I am 48 years old.

I have one child - born 10 years ago in 2002 when I was 38.

The following year (at age 39) I had some hot flashes for 24 hours, and shortly after that, my libido disappeared. For the next 6 years I had absolutely no interest in sex whatsoever.

My period has slowly become less and less regular - and now I am bleeding for just 1 or 2 days at the most, usually around 3 to 4 months apart. My last period was on March 25, 2012 and lasted only 1 day!!

When I was 45 I was diagnosed with Graves Disease - or hyperactive thyroid. I am currently still taking anti thyroid medications to control the amount of thyroid hormone in my system. After 2 and a half years of taking these meds, my numbers are now finally back to normal.

Last month (mid April) my vagina started itching and becoming painful and sensitive to the touch. I can no climax easily when I masturbate, and my lubrication has disappeared.

I went to my GP yesterday and he has prescribed me some Premarin cream.

So I would like to know if there are any women here who are both menopausal and who also have thyroid issues. I would like to know how you deal with 2 separate lots of hormone problems.

Thank you

Francesca Thomas.

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I think I was hypothyroid for many years from puberty all the way up to my 40's. I was finally diagnosed with PCOS but not until 2 years after my son was born.
I only have one child because I also had several miscarriages. I was fat and I beleive I was Hypothyroid and depressed for much of my teenage years and through most my 20s and 30s. Until I met my husband.

When I was 44 I started losing weight inexplicably. A year later I went into a thyro-toxi-cosis storm and was finally diagnosed with Hyper active thyroid - or Graves disease.

Over the last 2 years yes my TSH, my FT3 and FT4 have been tested every 3 months. I have been taking the tapazole for the same 2 years. MY TSH was suppsoed for most of those 2 years and really only came back to in December last year.

No as far as I can remember, I have never had any estrogen or adrenal testing done at all.

AS I mentioned, I am now doing premarin cream 3 x a week to stop my vagina itching and burning, and so far it's working nicely.

I'll try the Mediboard too thanks.

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