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kentonbruicemdMay 5, 2009

What is the image you have of your body? What are your feelings and thoughts about it? Body image is ever changing. From childhood to adulthood, our body changes, but also the perception we ourselves have of it. Often, through menopause, the fat deposits on women’s bodies change from the lower to the central part of the body. This can result in negative body image and increase lack of confidence and eventually depression.

Some changes that come with menopause, like hot flushes, can at times change women's perception of their own bodies. Some might even think they no longer have control over their bodies, or that they don't know themselves any longer. Your body image reflects, in a way, your inner self, so your well-being and emotional health is important. There are, however, some basic aspects of your body you need to take special care of:

Physical Activity

It is important to dedicate at least 30 minutes to some sort of physical activity. Whether it is walking, swimming, stretching, or practicing some sport, it is not only good for your body, but also for your spirit. Discipline is essential: once you start, you'll want to take some time every day to get active. There are plenty of online resources you can visit to get tips and ideas on exercises and routines you can follow to get you started:

• Extensive web site dedicated to physical activity and healthy eating. You can get great tips for different types of activities you can get into, such as walking, active recreation, sports, and safety tips.

• This site is focused on women's health and fitness. It has a section especially dedicated to menopausal women with recommended exercises for different regions of the body.

• Another complete website related to exercise in different stages of life. It has a thorough section covering the best exercises for postmenopausal women, including flexibility exercises and general fitness.

• Helps you get tips and reading material to get you started on you physical activities and exercises.

Healthy Eating

Nutrition is also very important when at this stage. If you don't follow a healthy diet, it will impact on your health and overall physical appearance, so it is crucial that you are aware of what makes good eating habits. Needless to say, being overweight will have a negative impact on your body image and the way you feel about it. Eating well, however, does not mean starving or make extreme sacrifices: the importance of a healthy diet is that it is balanced. To get more info, check out these great sites online:

• Great resource for postmenopausal women, covering both physical activities and healthy eating recommendations. Especially designed for women that want to make the most out of their life at this stage.

• The secret of healthy eating for menopausal women: what to and not to eat, nutrition facts, comparative tables, weight gain prevention, and more.

• The Federal Government Source for Women's Health Information site offers thorough information regarding dieting, eating right, and also good ideas for exercise and physical activities.

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