Question about OTC Natural Soy Product

debs52May 18, 2008

Has anyone here had any experience, good, bad, or neutral, with a soy supplement called Estromineral by Rotta Pharamaceuticals? Their claim is that they combine lactobacillus and vitamin D3 with soy for more absorption. I have been taking Peruvian Maca, an herb supplement, with mixed results and want something more!

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I have reservations about using Soy at all based on my own experience. I'm not implying it is dangerous, but I suspect that it may actually make peri-menopausal women go through actual menopause earlier than they would otherwise. I took it for three or four years, and stopped a couple of years ago. I have been using progesterone cream for about five years, and really believe it helps. that's just my 2 cents, though;)
Mrs H

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