Second Seasons; Humor and Sex (not neccessarily in that order)

spiritoneMay 30, 2006

Hiya gals (I assume we're all females here ;-)

Well, if you can believe this, I just started a new blog: "For Happy, Vibrant, Zany and/or Menopausal Women 40+" -- and came here to throw out a lil invite to see if anybody's interested in taking a look? :-)

It's called SecondSeasons. (The best name I could come up with on short notice inside my mental fogbank.)

I'm attempting to look at the lighter side of menopause. While a friend of mine (Chillymama) is attempting to relate not only her Travelogues, but also her "40+ and Having Sex While Travelling!" adventures. (I'm so jealous.)

We're hoping it'll be fun. And provide some support at the same time. The more of us there are, the better it'll be. Lively, hormonal conversation. Whee! Come see, 'n let me know what you think?

Testing New Motto: "We may all be nuts, but we ain't dead yet!" ;-)

SpiritOne in Colorado

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