catherinetMay 23, 2007

Hi everyone,

No, I'm not pregnant........but I am nauseous almost every morning. For the most part, it subsides by afternoon. Sometimes it comes and goes. Could this just be another phase in mentalpause? :)

I also have very short, but intense episodes of dizziness. I don't know if its all related......but its definitely no fun!

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Are you having allergies, sounds like you have a bit of vertigo. I have had that, but the drs always tell me that my tubes are filled with fluid (behind my ears) I am not sure what those are called. They blamed sinus drainage on the nausea. Who knows what they know. They told me to take a benydral for a couple of days before bed and see if that helps? It did. But it made me sleepy in the morning. So I took it about 8:30 in the evening instead of 10:00

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Thanks shotzy,
I was thinking allergies too......but I have absolutely no other symptoms. My eustachian tubes used to stop up, but since I've been using a CPAP machine at night, they have been open and my sinuses feel great.
It sure does sound like some sinus thing though.
Actually, I started getting nauseous about a month ago, when I started using the CPAP machine at night.....which makes me really wonder about that connection......but it sounds like an uncommon side-effect from the CPAP machine.
I'm so tired most of the time, and I'd hate to get even more tired from Benedryl......but I think I'll do what you did and take it earlier in the evening. Thanks!

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I may be dumb and stupid, but here goes. I read your other post and I am concerned. You are having heart flip flops. In this post you are mentioning nausea. I just don't like the sound of that at all. I don't mean to be an alarmist but when I had my first heart attack those were my first symptoms. Have you had a Recent echo cardiogram or have they put a heart monitor on you for a 24 hour period to see what is going on with you???? My thought is better safe than sorry. Please don't get mad at me, I just waited too late and now I am sorry that I waited, because I had a major heart attack in 2000.

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Hi rthummer,
I'm not mad at you! And you're not dumb and stupid! I really appreciate your concern!
I have about a 10 year history of these funky flip flops, and have had 2 echos (although the last one was about 5-6 years ago). I have also had alot of GI problems.
I am able to do alot of work without the flip flops getting worse (If it were my heart, I would have trouble working hard, having more trouble breathing, etc.). But I do know that women have unusual symptoms with cardiac problems, so I'll definitely keep that in mind!
Thanks so much for your concern!

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Hi rthummer, I have had flip flops for 5 or 6 years now I wore a monitor for 1 month! Of course it was like a car it just wouldnt make the noise when I brought it in to the shop! LOL I have had a necular stress test and the Dr.said I had more stamina than some 30 year olds on the treadmill. So Ihave tried to tie it to sugar, caffiene, anxiety and anxiety is the only one that comes close. Since some of us have generalized anxiety and dont know it. I just dont get it, I have even taken "the little purple pill" cuz the dr thought maybe it was reflux. Scary huh? It could be electrical? I appreciate each and every post on the forum. Thank good ness we have each other. I have thought of doing another heart saver ct scan, I had one done about 5 years ago. It is cheaper than it used to be and so easy. Oh and catherinet, my sister is going thru some nausea, she does have heart problems, but also 4 kids 10 grandkids and a pretty useless hubby! So we cant go by her symptoms. I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day!

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When anyone mentions heart stuff I get in a tizzy. Sorry Catherinet. I just worry. shotzy52, I have had a nuclear stress test also. It says I am doing o.k. now. Heart disease runs in both my husband and my side of family. So I guess I am just apprehensive. Also, it looks like it has been inherited to my children. I quit taking hormones because I was afraid of heart problems and always question if I did the right thing.

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