Still crazy (and ovulating) after all these years

catherinetMay 7, 2007

lol! (Sung to the Simon and Garfunkle tune).........

I haven't had a period in about 3 years. Every once in awhile, my ovaries hurt.....and then I get all those lovely symptoms back.........muscle and joint pain, nausea, dizziness, sore breasts, craziness, anxiety, headaches, irregular heartbeat, gas, etc., etc., etc. When I used to have periods, it would all make sense to me (sort of), as to why I was feeling so bad. I would have the period to prove it. But when you don't have periods anymore......but your hormones are still going up and can't know for sure what's causing it. You don't have any "evidence".

The past couple weeks have been really hard for me. I have felt awful. Then my ovaries started hurting. Then yesterday I had that clear mucous discharge you always get when you're ovulating. Huh!! Mystery solved!

When does it stop? Every time I get this "package" of yukky symptoms, I think to myself "This is probably the last time this will ever happen. This is my ovaries Last Hurrah.......their final fire works.........

But happens again. Sheesh!!

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i'd make a dr visit and have a check up...wonder if you've added something to your diet with "natural" hormones?

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