remifemin replacement

sherryinmarylandMay 15, 2002

i have been taking remifemin since my hysterectomy last august, and have just found out it is no longer available...does anyone know a replacement for this?? thanks in advance for your help...sherry

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I just received a free sample of this product in the mail just this week. You must be able to get this somewhere if they're giving away samples. Was a reason given to make you believe that it's been taken off the market?...Linda/NJ

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Still the same product; different company distributing it. You may want to ask your retailer again if it is available.

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I just received my free sample too, and they send me coupons and lots of information, I know they have it at Walmart, don't think it is off the market. I will look it up tomorrow and post the web site you can order a twenty day free sample. Julie in Florida

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What does it do? Is it the same as projesterone cream?
How does a person know which they need.
I cant go to a Dr. I have no insurance.

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