Doesn't anyone have non-tramautic menopause

victoria321May 26, 2012

All this heavy bleading stuff I'm reading here is scaring me. Is it like this for everyone? I'm 51 and counting the months to 52, which is when my mom went through it. If I have bleeding issues I'm definately getting something cut out right away!!!! Does anyone ease into menopause?

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My sis and I just discussed this. She and I are the only women our age we know who haven't had a hysterectomy. Now, my dr wants me to have one. Why do women today have so many problems? and do drs just jump at the chance to operate on people?

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Actually i did talk to a woman the other day who said she sailed through menopause without any symptoms!! I was in shock and frankly a bit irritated when I asked her if she ever had a "hot flash, insomnia, anxiety, digestive issues, migraines, ect.." and she said NO!!! I was like, either you are lying or you are perfect unlike me. It was so annoying and I should not have so irritated been but I was.

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I have not had insomnia, anxiety, digestive issues, migraines or heavy bleeding!

Just some hot flashes so far.

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Well, I guess i can't be annoyed at you then since you at the very least are having to deal with hot

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I'm 53. So far, no hot flashes or night sweats. My big complaint is my mental state....I sometimes feel fuzzy headed, like I can't THINK. Very frustrating!!

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