internal shaking dizziness

lambchop_2007May 13, 2007

Help. I keep getting internal shakiness, dizziness and left arm pain. I think this is Menopause becuase I have missed 3 periods since october and the others early or late. Also strange fluttering and pressure in the left side. Has anyone had these symptoms. janyden

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I think you need to contact your physician, the sooner the better. This doesn't sound like any menopause symptom I've ever heard of, and could very well be a cardiac problem instead.

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You definitely should have your heart checked out with that left arm pain, but I too had alot of internal buzzing and fluttering during perimenopause.
Is it possible that you have some GERD or IBS?

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Hi Lambchop,
I just googgled internal shakiness today, because I have been plagued with it for the last 12+ months, I also have the left arm pain, fluttering, and all the other symptoms you have experienced. It is DEFINITELY MENOPAUSE RELATED.

At first, I was scared to death, because so many of the symptoms are the same as those related to 'heart attack' or 'stroke', so I agree you should rule that out with your Doctor, as I did...but alas, there are over 34 specific symptoms related to menopause, I just wish someone would tell us about these, so we know what to expect.
Take care

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