My period returns

nanasuzMay 9, 2006

One year with out one and my period came back. Now I have gone almost another year and it is back with cramps and all the symptoms. I read that someone resumed having monthly periods at 56 after slipping years like this. YIKES!!!

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Marcia Thornley

YIKES is right! I have been 5 months without a period. I've have hot flashes (not so bad, I usually can deal with them)periods of strong emotions and some sleepless nights. I am hoping that I'll follow along with what my mom went through and this will be it. She had very little to deal with during perimenopause and just suddenly quit the periods with a few hot flashes. I hate the thought of it going on for years. But I've been told that it can drag on for a long, long time. Maybe your relapse won't last long.

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Hi nanasuz,
Sorry about your "visitor". I'm just curious.....are you bleeding much? Better out than in though! It's good that it's been a whole year though, right?
I'm 56 and haven't had one now for 2 years. But I still get symptoms of ovulation. At least you're not 45 with these symptoms, right? I never thought I'd look forward to getting older, but I sure have with this stuff!
Hopefully, this is your last one!

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Mine also came and went for years. I cant even remember how long. It would stop and then nothing and I would be like "Finally its over" and then Wham, another one out of the blue. And that kept happening. I would go for like a 9 month stretch at times! You get so excited to hit the year mark, but i did and it did come back yet again. Its been almost 3 years. I think I am done. I did a total of 10 years from start to finish- first symptoms were hot flashes and insomnia and ended with hot flashed and still have the insomnia.
good luck, hang in there and yes there is a light at the end of the tunnel though it doesnt seem like it. It does STOP eventually, hang on to those tampons, i got rid of mine way too many times and to have to go and buy again!~

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Thanks Patrice, Can I ask how old you are and when they finally stopped??
Catherinet-I had a regular 7 day period just like I used to.
I hope this is the last one, too. I am glad to hear that others have experienced the samr thing.
Thanks so much!

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I have a product that works wonders on balancing your bodies natural hormones. Its called PhytoProlief (for menopausal women) or Prolief(for women that are still cycling) Its $30 retail but you can get it through me for $22.00 + tax and shipping I have a verified paypal account. Just contact me Its all natural and it lasts about 3 months.

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I'm over 55 and have only missed a period on two occasions in the past couple of years. Sometimes I feel as though I'm going for some sort of record.

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When I was on hrt my periods stopped..I stopped taking the hrt and they resumed 3 months's truly miserable being in ones 50's and having to deal with it..

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I'm 59 and have a period at least once a year. I don't know how long this will go on, geez I'm going to be 60 next year, will it ever stop???...Lynn

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yea, it will stop eventually altogether, but getting to that point is the miserable part. One period a year would be lovely right now, as I sit here typing and bleeding like a stuck hog!.

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