Sudden joint pain in finger

jennMay 31, 2006

I'm chalking this up to the meno rollercoaster ride, but I thought I'd post it anyway to see if anyone can relate.

About two weeks ago, the middle finger on my right hand suddenly became very painful in the joint at the base of the finger. I have never noticed any pain in this finger (or any other fingers for that matter) before now. It now hurts when I prune the plants, clean the car windows with a squeegee, anything that puts any pressure on that finger. Occasionally it throbs so intensely, like a very intense flu-like pain that passes after about a minute. I don't see any swelling, it's not tender to the touch, and I know I didn't injure it.

Does this sound familiar? Is this the beginning of something, or just one of those passing aches and pains that comes and goes and makes you wonder what's going on?


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Sounds like arthritis to me.... take an aleve or aspirin... keep moving it...

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Jenn -- exactly the same thing happened to me. I cut my left index finger when peeling potatoes, and shortly thereafter the pain started. This has been going on for a couple months, and now I can definitely see a protrusion on the middle joint of the finger. I'm assuming it is arthritis. I'm starting to have real sympathy for people who have widespread arthritis.

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I agree, sounds like old arthur is setting loves the joints! My finger joints are getting those lovely knots on them. I take Advil and it seems to quiet it down to a bearable level.

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Thank you for your replies. It hasn'bothered me as much the past few days, maybe because I've been too busy to notice. I've always popped this joint, somethings habitually and sometimes because it gets very stiff. I wonder if this is the result of doing that for too many years. :-(

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Hello Jen,

That seems to be an arthritis. Try treating it with natural methods first and if the symptoms still persist, then that's the time you consult your doctor's advice for some meds to take in.

Here is a link that might be useful: Natural Health Answers To Joint Problems

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