It is possible to feel better but.....

elise909May 2, 2008

It takes a lot more work than it used to...Hi, I am still new to this forum but I felt prompted to share my experience with you all in the hopes that I might do something to help someone else out there!

I didnt realize how bad off I was when I was so tired that I laid around all the time, had no desire to start any projects, barely even wanted to do my housework. I had roaring in my ears when I got up. Horrible lower back pain when I arouse from bed, every morning, so much that I could barely walk down the stairs, heart palpitaions on a regular basis, cracks around my mouth, constipation trouble losing weight, ...okay, you got the picture. First thing I did was decide that I had candida, so I gave up sugar, coffee and oh diet cokes!!!.. and changed my diet, added coconut oil, started using xylitol which was a god send to help me get off my beloved sugar. I would generally mix the 2 into a paste and use it on whole wheat bread or make a granola... that helped the cravings. Lots of fruits and veggies, salmon, healthy type foods..It was tough, I went through a lot of withdrawls..even more tired. So I had my blood checked, I was down to 8.5 from a norm of 14 hemoglobin as a result of my 14 day cycle periods...yep, you read right, I was having a period every 2 weeks. Also had an abnormal mamo. They said my breast had changes consistent with estrogen therapy which I never had.. I could only assume that I had too much estrogen running thru me perhaps due to the frequent periods. Well the doc and i decided to take another pic in 6 months as he could not see anything to really biopsy. So I got scared enough to really take action...I started reading and researching everything and anything that had to due with breast cancer, perimenopause and estrogen and well...Here goes... the list is long....I am taking iron, b-complex, vitamin E, a multi-vit and mineral, amino acids,plus tyrosine and taurine,pycnogenol, DIM(diindolymethane) which is supposed to metabolize estrogen into a kinder version, and brevail. I also take a Tbsp of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water daily, and I have stepped up my water intake to at least 10 glasses per day and no more plastics(bad things in plastics that mimic estrogens). And I discovered something that sounds crazy called oil pulling(now y'all are gonna have to google that one as it is quite involved and I know it sounds totally crazy but I figured, "what the heck' it dont cost much) I am exercising 2 plus hours a day,,,yeah, I am sick of carrying around this extra weight!!!and so one month later here I am....I have not felt so good in ...I cant remember when!! I have so much energy and I look in the mirror and my face glows! very few heart palpitations, no more constipation(despite the iron!!)3 days ago I woke up with NO back ache...i am really excited about that one!! and then the biggest one....I am having a 28 day cycle this time!! wow..just like when I was 30...I am 51. The only trouble is I started most of this stuff at the same time so it will be difficult to pinpoint which one is the one that is working and for what. I will have to cut certain things one by one I guess. Only bad thing is I have not lost much weight however, I know I have gained muscle so I have to just be patient...just keep doing my best. I have to include one more thing that worked for me..prayer. I just laid it all out to the lord and said "guide me to the cure'. ,,,,

I felt I needed to write give something back and I hope it helps someone out there.

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just wanted to add that I also bought the progest cream and after 4 applications I got a headache which I never get mid cycle, I had to assume it was the progest and that maybe I just didnt need it. So I stopped.

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