I am tired of my head perspiring, argh!

rthummerMay 21, 2007

I am still having those dang hot flashes. 8 years now.:( I use all the natural stuff and I don't do the body hot flashes any more. I DO head and hair sweats!!!! Anyone else??? My hair gets so dang oily I have to wash it morning and at night. Sometimes if I am at home I will wash my hair during the day also. I am thinking about using dishwashing liquid if this keeps up!!! I am already using a clarifying shampoo and no cream rinse or conditioner. Help!!!!!!!!!

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I went today and got my hair cut short and a body wave. I hope the body wave will dry out my hair and scalp!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the pits.... My face is dry... my scalp is oily... this is nuts...

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I haven't had so much oil on my face since the eighth grade.

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Tell me about it jannie!!! One thing about it though, women with oily faces have fewer wrinkles...but watch out for the mood factor!! Ha,ha.

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I too only get the head/neck sweats. No full body sweats, at least for the past 2 months. I came off HRT because I had too many problem with it. Started taking herbal remedies, which seems to have helped the full body sweats. Still wake up 2 or 3 times a night with the head sweats. Very annoying.The high humidity in Southern Ontario right now, definatly does not help either.

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Elizabeth, yes, I never had the full body sweats either. I have the face, neck, and head sweats. I cannot keep makeup on. I also wake up several times a night with head sweats. Not that I am glad you have them too, but it is comforting to know I am not odd girl out.... Everyone knows when I have a hot flash because my cheeks turn a bright red and my forehead and face become wet and the back of my hair is sopping wet. I get so tired of this, I never feel CLEAN. I take wipes with me all the time now.

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