I am a 39 year old Female

mijaMay 3, 2006

I turned 39 on april 20'th. Been hell ever since.. In October of 2005, started getting my periods every 10-14 days..til christmas.then went to every month right on time( Ive never ever been on time)always every 3-5 weeks.Now havent have one since March 10th..

Boobs hurt terribly..Jelly belly setting in and all i want is eggs and seafood !The food cravings insane.

Can menopause really start so early ?

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I have a friend, and in her family all the women but her were in full menopause by 40... she was done at 42. BUT I'd check with the gyno to be sure. I am 42, and have been going strong since 40. Always good to check with the gyno to be sure something else isn't going on, like a tumor on the ovary or something....

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Boobs hurt, jelly belly, cravings? With the unpredictable cycles you were having, is it possible you got pregnant in March?

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