48 and still having periods?

msscarletApril 30, 2007

Hi all, just found this forum. My question is how many people here are 48+ and still having their period? I may be a odd duck but I have been looking forward to the change for years now. I just want to get this overwith lol...I can not WAIT until I skip a period or anything that will give me a sign that it is the beginning of the end (periods and menopause). I have always been an anxious person so I can not even tell if I have begun menopause. I have had night sweats but other then that I can't say that I really have signs of it...whats the deal? My sister told me she was already missing periods by my age. I fear I will be the only 80 yo woman out there STILL having their period!

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I'm 56 and still having them. I've also felt that I'm going for the record in being the oldest to still have a period.

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Wow, msscarlet, dont hurry life along, believe me it will be here soon enough. :-)

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Wow Marie...I am so sorry...dang, I sure hope that is not how it goes for me. You really have my sympathy.

Shotzy, I am not really in a hurry to get old just lose the periods is all. I have looked forward to these being gone for more years then I can count! I will not be sad in the LEAST to start menopause and end these PIA periods and let me get on with the rest of my life period free...for me it will be a major relief...

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msscarlet....I'm 48 and am still running like clockwork. I have been have some vag dryness and lack of libido put part of that can be attributed to my thyroid function and BP/Beta blocker pills.

Don't rush it, lack of hormones cause other problems

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I'm 50, periods are still regular, and I've had them since I was 10! 40 years! I should calculate how much I've spent over the years in pads, tampons, ruined underwear. I, too, will rejoice when they end.

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I have been hearing a lot latley about Abulation. (spelling is probably wrong) they go in and do something to your uterus, so you stop having periods, however, unlike a hysterectomy you still have your parts, so you don't go into "early" menopause.
I just spent 7 weeks working at a temp job, and 5 of the ladies there said they had it, and were all very happy with their results. I'm thinking about speaking to my doc about it at my next checkup.


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I'm 54 and was extremely "regular" until a year ago. My last period started this April 3 and I haven't even spotted since. I hope I never get another one.

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I think most 48 year olds are not in menopause yet.

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