37 and pretty sure in perimenopause

mpwr1April 13, 2009

I went through two very stressful years and somewhere around last summer just had this feeling that I wasn't bouncing back from the stress the same way I used to. Then somewhere around the beginning of this year my periods just went wacky. They've been a little heavier in the past two years but this is different. Strange schedule that didn't seem timely at first then in Feb I began a string of periods that came every two weeks sometimes three. Flooding, cloting, and crazy mood swings. Crying jags out of nowhere, crankiness, fatigue. Saw my doc did some tests nothing out of the ordinary. She said I might be a little young but it could be perimenopause. Three weeks ago was my last period. Two weeks ago while on vacation I kept getting these random dizzy spells made me feel like I just got off a boat sometimes while standing still. Started my period again yesterday now it heavy with clotting. Today I am sore all over. Muscle aches, backache, cramping, headache and just eghsausted. I feel like I'm super dingy lately-keep forgetting the stupidest tiny things. Haven't had desire for sex in some months and I just don't feel like me. Told someone the other day I can't remember having that "i feel great" feeling I get around the middle of the month in months. Researching today and I think my doc is right. Saw a naturapath about a week after my reg doc and he suggested amiono acid treatments. Anyone heard of that? Helps your serotonin levels supposedly. Oh and last night my house felt hot as hell even though the termostat said 68. What do you think? I can't stand feeling this way.

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Hello, I'm so glad I found this forum, I've been reading some old posts and finding so much of myself in them!
I'm 44 and all of my problems started when I went off of birth control pills after being on them consistently for most of my adult life.
I launched into hot flashes, night sweats, heart palpitations, terrible anxiety, prickly skin, muscle pains, and my concentration and memory became so foggy I thought I was getting alzheimers. My periods became erratic, and I'd skip one only to have two later on. Sometimes light, then othertimes so heavy that I thought I was losing too much blood. I went to doctor after doctor but none of them felt that it had anything to do with hormones. And none of them thought that at 42 that I was going through menopause. They said I was having anxiety problems and recommended a psychiatrist!!!!!
I finally found a naturopath and ended up on five different herbs, and began using a natural progesterone cream every day. Now, the night sweats are gone, hot flashes come once in a while, my periods are still whacky, but the anxiety is almost non existent. And I usually sleep thru the night.
I would be interested to know more about amino acid treatment. I still feel foggy in the head alot, and forget names and things that I am doing sometimes.
I hope that people are still writing to this group, I sure need the help. Hope to talk more with you more mprw1.

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hi kitcat83 I sympathise with you i am 46 has a full hysterectomy at 30 since last sept iv had loads of mad symptoms heart palpatations wheezing hot flashes joint pain anxiety attacks panick attacks sleepless nights mad mood swings nausea heartburn but after blood checks etc am told am probably perimenopausal would be interested to know what progesterone cream does and what its for

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