Prempro -withdrawal

cheddarsmomApril 11, 2003

I'm so glad I found this site!!! Now I know that I was not going crazy........... My doctor started weaning me off of Prempro last month (3/17/03) but did not tell me what to expect. Probably just as well, or I wouldn't have done it. First there were the hot flashes (quite tolerable), then came the constant headache (not quite so tolerable), then came the irritability (surprising and disconcerting), I was also tired and cold all the time. But when the crying started, that was it for me!!! For three days, I would start crying at the drop of a hat (not like me at all). So, I called my doctor to see if these symptoms were from Prempro withdrawal (duh, took me awhile to figure it out). She is on vacation 'til next Monday so I put myself back on my daily dose. It has been 4 days now and I am just starting to feel like my ole self again. I will call my doctor on Monday, but unless she has a very convincing reason not to, I will be on Prempro forever............ If anyone wants to talk about this, contact me. Karen

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Hi cheddarsmom,
Here's where I'm at........I want to be off HRT. I was on it for about 6 years. I'm going through hell, but I'm going to try to tough it out. I think it's like any kind of withdrawal.....heroine, cocaine, caffeine.......your body is going to not like it at all......but I think eventually, it will learn to live without it. The question is, is it better off with or without it? I don't think we know the answers for sure. I have fibromyalgia, and all my symptoms are worse without my HRT.....but I'm going to tough it out for several months. Who knows......maybe my body will learn to be just as happy without it. could try weaning yourself very slowly. There are several web sites on the Internet that talk about the best way to wean. Good luck.

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Chedder, she wants you off of it because it is dangerous. The hot flashes and other symptoms will pass with time. Being exposed to HRT may kill you. I am imagine the last study has been discussed in this forum. I am new so I am not sure about that. They cancelled the study before it was over, because of the danger to the women in the study.

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I stopped taking Prempro .045/1.5 about a month ago and I have had night sweats and also have been incredibly tired. Does anyone have any idea how long this might last? Also any suggestions to aleviate these symptoms?

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Cathy, I have tried twice getting off the lowest dose of prempro. All I did is upset the balance I had worked hard to achieve. SO I am back on the low dose again. It just so happens my ovaries are achy today, I havent had a period in 7 years or so. But I am aware, that HRT has some risk factor. I dont have breast cancer in my family, But I do have stroke and Heart disease. I started on HrT young, the studies were only done on 60 year old women with already existing health issues. Maybe I will be crying and emailing you guys one day with some terrible side effects of HRT, I pray not.

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i have taken prempro .625,2.5 for 14 years, i tried to get off it,after 6 weeks,i can,t sleep,hot flashes,crying, moody,i am 63, all my yearly check ups are fine, now they want me to try herbal hrt,i need a new dr., help me if you know od a natural med. for this

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Has anyone had dizzy spells when getting off Prempro? I have been weaning myself off for about 2 months now. I am crying all of the time, terrible night sweats etc, etc., and dizzy spells.

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I was told by a surgeon who is eager to take out all my reproductive organs that I had to stop the prempro I'd been taking for almost 20 years because the lining of my uterus was too thick & she wants to do an endometrial biopsy. Since I've been off prempro for 3 mos. I've been a basket case, ready to tell off my boss & anyone else who tries to push me to my limits where they can get off. I've been called into my boss's office 3x in the past month about my attitude.I'm going to wind up without a job. And I'm ready to die of cancer to rid myself of the anger that consumes me.

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I just started weaning off Prempro after 13 years taking it. I read a lot of forums, decided to try acupuncture to help with side effects. So far, better than any of my previous attempts! I slept like a baby the night I had my first acupuncture treatment - for ten hours! The next nite I didn't take a pill again....but didn't sleep too well at all. We'll see how night 3 goes. Any advice on how quickly to wean off?

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I'm 67 and was place on Prempro at 51. Two years ago I rediced the dosage to .45. Last year I went off Lexapro and had a rough year. This year I am trying to wean myself off Prempro. I am taking .45 every other day. It has been 2-weeks and no bad effects. My next step is to try .3 once I feel I can reduce more. I might alternate .45 with .3. Initially I had trouble sleeping but that was already a problem for me. The past 2 night I slept very well. I am using Herbal remedies: Passionflower and Holy Basil to help with my mood. I just want to be drug free and this is my final steps.

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I have been on primpro for 4 months and am gaining weight. I want to get off but these postings are scaring me!! I got on this to ask how to wean off, any suggestions? Im on a low dose.

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I am 54 and just now thinking of trying Prempro... all the things you are saying your withdrawals are ... are the same things I have been struggling with for 8 years going through the change with not HRT!!!! I feel like it is worth a try if your quality of life is better.... even if it is not perfect. Most of the studies I read said that Prempro got a bad rap that most of the women who started the HRT while going though menopause did was the ones who had been through it already and dr.'s started prescribing to them for other reasons 10 years after going through the change...that suffered most of the bad results. Im not sure what to do but it looks grimm either way!

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I am having an allergic reaction to Prempro, so I had to go off it cold turkey. I have a severe rash....and the withdrawal symptoms are horrible. I am SO down... I am thankful for this site. Still have the rash and itching. Been 7 days since I have stopped taking it. It was doing wonders for me, otherwise. Really great for my blood pressure. We are going to start something new as soon as this is out of my system. Hang in there, sisters.

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Has anyone gone off Prempro with success? If so, what was helpful. I'm dying here....feel like i'm going crazy. Wake up all night soaking wet...been off it for 3 weeks, my 5th time trying to go off of it. Have tried lots of diff supplements. I cant' take it anymore-I'm sleep deprived, brain is foggy. I'm either flaming hot and wet or icy cold...brrrr.
I am wondering when these symptoms will EVER go away-would like to hear how other's bodies have responded. I am 61 yrs old and been on Prempro for 7 years. I'm not sold that the risk for me with no cancer in my family is worth going through this hell. As a matter of fact, I'm gong back on the lowest dose tonight...I can hardly function anymore.Would love to hear any feedback about your experiences.
Kathy in California

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First time on this forum. Was on HRT for 20plus years. Started going off the end of August. Wasn't bad till just lately. Went slow. Added an extra day off every five or six weeks. Did anyone have chest pain as a withdrawal symptom? Or acid reflex? Am on pepcid now and Dr. said would take 6 weeks to heal. It's just the chest pain that bothers me. Had panic attacks again (have them periodically) too.

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This is my first week of getting off of Prempro. I have been taking it for two years. I am 53 years old, and I don't want to pay the $100.00 a month anymore. Now, after seeing all of the possible side-effects of long-term use makes me more determined. I am starting with full dose every other day for two weeks and see how I feel. I would love feedback or suggestions.

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I think I will need the hormones because i can't stop crying and sweating. Wanted to literally die many times, my poor family!! Plus, my psych docs thinks I should b/c it might help me not need such a high dose of meds for my Bipolar II diagnosis. I'm on Lamictal for that. 150mg and going higher.

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I have been taking my regular dose of Prempro every other day for two weeks . I have been getting mild hot flashes. I am feeling "blue" now and my stomach feels bloated and painful. I am determined to get off this Rx within three months.

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I have been on Prempro for 7 years. I have stopped several times for as long as 7 months. This time the withdrawal is real bad. Hot flashes, acid reflux is extreme, aches and pains all over, irritable, emotional and gaining weight quickly. I want my Prempro...and I want it NOW! I am healthy so my doctor is not concerned with any risk. I just want to feel normal again.

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I am 57 yrs. old, and have been on Prempro for about 17 years. I went into menopause very early. About three years ago, I went on the lowest dose possible. I have a history of heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke in my family, no breast, uterine or vag cancer, but I was still concerned about the health issues. I am healthly myself, but have migraines. No problems with my health during the time I took Prempro for all these years. MY BP is great. Anytime I tried to go off Prempro, I'd get mild hot flashes and horrid pain from dryness during sex. I did not want to use the topical gel stuff. So, I said no, and went back on it.

I have been very busy and did not fill my RX for Prempro. Then, two weeks went by, three weeks, and I did not feel bad. And, so far, sex was not painful! Go figure!??? My doctor had said to go every other day, every two, etc. This was not planned to go off cold turke!.

But, I have been emotional. Not crying all the time, but will go off at moments in anger and cry, irritable. I did not associate it with the withdrawal until I read these posts!

I have felt puffy in the tummy, but no weight gain on the scale. I have been very cold, and no one else was in the house, so I just thought I was getting sick. I am dizzy here or there, and heart palpitations, but just thought I had not been eating well enough. Are this all withdrawal symptons? But, overall, I could endure this, it is not a problem. I am concerned my skin will get dried out or something, and look awful. I look tired but I have been working alot. Is this okay to continue with no hormones, or would you call your doctor? Advice, anyone??

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