Pelvic Veins Congestion

kuklesApril 16, 2007


I'm a new member, 51 years old, hoping to be in menopause since 6 months

Thanks to this forum I learned that pain at the ovaries could be normal at our age: I was very worried

after having had pain for one month ( still now). I had an ultrasound

The result was not to worry for the ovaries but they found I have "prominent left sided ovarian veins".

The ultrasound report tells I have a pelvic congestion syndrome. Didn't see a doctor yet because takes time in Canada...

I read a lot on internet about it but I'm still quite confused.

Is there anyone who has the same problem? What are you doing? What works and what doesn't? Any suggestion?

Thanks a lot


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My sister had this, and from what I understand it is basically varicose veins of the ovaries or "ovarian hemmorhoids. She had laparoscopic surgery to "embolize" them whatever that means. I think it's like the treatment for varicose veins where they either cauterize the vein or block it. It worked really well for her. The surgery slowed her down for a couple days, but then she was up and running again. Good luck; hope this helps in some way.

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How old was your sister? I ask this because I read
the pelvic congestion syndrome is often a younger women problem.Thank you for your reply. Kukles

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She was around 44-45, and this was in 2000. She hasn't had any problems since.

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Thank you

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