Anything Funny Happen at your wedding

waddles28March 22, 2002

I was just remembering when we got married my uncle the preacher was talking about the unity candle and how it is like our marriage and you must always keep the flame lit and never get let it go out. We could not get the unity candle lit and the soloist finished his song and we were still trying to light the candle. Finally my DH turns to the soloist and says "don't you know another song?" everyone cracked up and the candle finally lit and by the time we got back to my uncle it was out. Is that an omen?

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My brother-in-law and his sister sang at our wedding. My 2 1/2 year old cousin thought the singing was beautiful, so when they were don with the processional (that's where you walk up the aisle isn't it), and it's all somber he starts clapping and yells YEA... okay the giggles started but I did okay. THen along comes the next song. Well he must have liked that too because we hear a YEMMMMMM His mom had stuck her hand over his mouth and it was now muffled. It was so cute. I had a hard time controlling the giggles the rest of the wedding.


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When we went to take communion the minister brought up the loaf of bread (which my cousin had baked - like a mini loaf) and my husband practically broke it in half. I was trying hard not to laugh. I just broke a bite sized piece off for myself and handed the loaf and the huge chunk back to the minister!

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One of my bridesmaids passed out. Now you would assume that everyone would gasp, but no one made a sound. I didn't know that anything had happened until we were in the receiving line and they were helping her outside for some fresh air! She was pregnant (and no one knew it). I still tease her daughter about her upstaging my wedding.
At my sisters wedding, her two year old daughter was sitting with my mom. When the ushers started lighting the candles, she stood up and yelled "Sing Damma, sing" She thought it was a birthday party!

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our ring bearer was my husbands brothers grandson ( there is almost 20 years between my husband has his brother!!) but he (our ringbearer) kept asking his grandpa our groomsman "Pappa who are you marring i thought you were married to nana??" this was during the ceremony lol

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When we ran through the ceremony at the rehearsal, everyone started cracking up at "for richer or poorer" (it's gonna be for poorer for a looong time!) We all just laughed and laughed. So during the real ceremony I started giggling at that part of the vows... then his ring all of a sudden couldn't make it all the way over his knuckle and I REALLY started giggling, as I was smushing the ring onto his finger! And at the very end, when the minister pronounced us, my cousin's 2 year old yelled "DONE!" Ha ha ha.

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My friend tells me that at her wedding she could hear her 2 year old God-daughter saying daddy I have to go potty, then daddy would say Shhh, but daddy I have to go potty, shhhh, Daddy oops never mind.


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We had a small casual wedding in our home, so casual that my sister brought her then dog (a rescue) who was just over a year old. Every time we'd pose for pics, she'd (the dog, not my sis) sneak up and grab yet another flower from my bouquet. DH finally tossed her one and then she was happy...a few months later my sister gave the dog to us :o)

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At our rehearsal the minister was also talking about keeping the flame alive and something about being imaginative in trying new things to strengthen your marriage. My DH got this look and smirk on his face since all he heard from that was "new sex stuff". I kind of chuckled at the time as his groomsmen were rolling. Well at the actual ceremony I started thinking about that and with that in mind and a bit nervous standing in front of so many people, I got the major giggles. It lasted the entire ceremony and I could hardly get through the vows. By that time I was laughing so hard that the minister was getting annoyed. The audience was cracking up as well. It didn't stop until we were walking out of the sanctuary and my DH stepped on my train and ripped it and I gave him a real serious look then. It was all on tape from my shoulders and entire body moving from the giggles to the look that I gave him. What a wonderful day.

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I honestly couldn't think of anything really funny that happened. Nothing bad happened either, so I guess it's a good thing! The two that came to mind were:

1. One of my bridesmaids dresses got altered wrong, so it was shorter than the others. She tried to shrink down in some of the pictures until the photographer asked what she was doing, but that was pretty minor.

2. We took pictures between the ceremony and reception in Washington DC at a fountain across from the Capitol. You can't get really near the monuments, unless you want a million tourist also. Anyway, as we were posing a tourbus drove by and stoped at the intersection. Everyone saw us and started taking pictures! Then they tooted the horn! So random people from who knows where will have pictures of us!

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We got married in late June, and it was soooo HOT! Anyway we got married in this really old church, well the air conditioning was blowing so hard it kept blowing out our candles, for our sunset, candle light service. So the powers that be at the church just decided to turn the a/c off. Well, I think you all remember those spotlights that they place on you. Everyone in our wedding party was sweating big time, especially me, be nervous, and have a 27 layer dress and floor lenght veil on the entire time didn't help, anyway, so we all kept wiping the sweat off with tissues but not wiping just dabbing. LOL after the ceromony everyone kept commenting on how emotional of a service it was because the entire wedding party was crying.

Also, the minister handed DH the wrong ring, so he put his ring on my finger, so we had to redo that then I put his ring on the wrong hand. Oh well :)

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We got married Jan of 2001, in Vegas, I was 2 months pregnant and scared too death!!!! I dropped his ring twice, the first time Elvis was next to me giving the weirdest look, then the 2nd time was while walking down the isle it just rolled on with out me. I was so embarressed. All I remember the minister say was marriage is a commitment not a promise. I really thought I was going to pass out up there. My husband thought I was going to run off. I wasn't scared about getting married. We'd been together for 3 yrs, I was just nervous I guess. Anyhow, we are now happier than ever with a healthy baby boy!!!

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How about.. I actually went through with it....

( JUST kidding) Nothing bad happened... it went pretty smooth..ha.ha.. !!

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Not at the wedding, but at our reception...

We had 2 best men, since we were best friends with 2 men (and a maid of honor). Anyway, the first best man, Andy, gives a long heartfelt speach about how Dave (DH) is such a great friend, actually a brother, ... everyone was sobbing. Our other best man, Bill, knew Andy would be all emotional, so he went with the how we met story, which follows (in Bill's voice):

Dave was telling me about this really cute cashier he works with, how great she is and all that (that's me!). So I told him to ask her out. Dave says "I did" but in a voice that was not at all happy. So I asked him what did she say? "She said yes" but he sounded really disappointed. I asked him what's wrong then. (pause)


Of course at this point, everyone breaks up laughing, even my Mom, even though she was REALLY embarrassed. She wouldn't let me date him when I was 17 and he was 24, so we didn't start seeing each other until I turned 18. Although we were good friends. Turns out, you shouldn't ask a girl out if you go out drinking with her mom on a regular basis...

Actually, everyone loves Dave, not just me. I couldn't have found a kinder, more compassionate, funny guy if I never stopped looking.

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At the reception someone stepped on my dress and it tore quite a bit, I remember just yanking the piece off and tossing it saying "I don't care, I'll never be wearing it again" and continuing to dance. 12 years later, I can still see the looks of "horror" on some of my aunt's faces and I'm still reminded of it often by them.

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