Hot Flashes/flushes

ponderinstuffApril 11, 2003

Are they flashes or flushes?

I am getting flushed and red, and I am not sure if they are actual hot flashes or not. Today I was trying on clothes and I was sweating so bad I had it running down my face. I don't get tingly or feel bad, just flushed and goes away after a few minutes. At night I am always hot, but don't sweat. Boy, am I glad there is a place to ask this stuff!

How long do they usually last?

I know my estrogen is low, because the doctor said it was. I am not on anything. Was suppose to see the GYN and missed apt so I didn't get any answers. I'd appreciate any insight by you all.

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Hi ponder, sounds like hot flashes to me. Read my message about "Prempro withdrawal" for some incite from my perspective. If you start HRT, know that it will probably be sure to see your doctor (don't miss your GYN appt.!!!).

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thanks, I was thinking that must be what they are. I'm scheduled! just got to wait a couple months to get in.

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