zero radius sink

jlolearyJanuary 5, 2014

We are in the process of picking a sink for our upcoming kitchen renovation. I like the look of the zero radius sinks. Does anyone have experience with either the Vigo zero radius or the Kraus - both are 32 inch 16 gauge sinks. I need three sinks in all - a cleanup (the 32 inch), a prep and a butler pantry and am considering the zero radius type for each. Is there another brand I should consider? Not sure if the Blanco is in my budget... thanks for any information you can provide!

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I have the Kraus 30" zero radius -- what is it you'd like to know?

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They look great but try cleaning them! We ended up with low radius Fluid sinks that look good but you can easily get to the corners.

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We have the Vigo zero radius sink and I have no problem cleaning it. I love this sink!

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What Kraus zero radius sink are you looking at. As far as I know, Kraus doesn't have any zero radius sinks. All their sinks are tight radius. I have a tight radius sink from Ruvati. I've had it for more than a year: very well-built good quality sink. I know Ruvati makes zero radius sinks too. Zero radius looks more modern. My bar sink is an old zero radius Blanco. They are not that hard to clean. Once in a while you can use a toothbrush to really clean the corners. Otherwise, most of the time, I just spray it down with water.

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We use a Ruvati zero radius sink in our kitchen and we absolutely love it. Looks very sharp, and no problem keeping it clean.

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We have a Blanco zero radius. For the first several years I loved it! No problem to clean at all! Now....8 years after our remodel it always looks horrible. I'm tired of always needing to pay extra attention to the corners. We did a full remodel and it's one of the very few regrets I have (the other regret is our French casement window.)

Now that the sink is older, black sludge clings to the corners and the bottom and side 90-degree angles. As soon as I clean it, it appears immediately after anything is dumped into the sink. It feels really unhealthy.

If I could, I would change our two zero radius sinks in a flash. Again, I absolutely loved them for years (and defended them quite vigorously). Then for a while it was just a "little" problem and I didn't mind brushing out the corners fairly often. Now it's hard to make it look good.

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I have the 32" Kraus KHU100 which isn't a true zero radius, but it is nice and flat at the corners. I love it. The only drawback is the low slope to the drain. You usually have to help food move toward the drain.

p.s. they are 3/4" radius (I just checked

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