Post menopause symptoms

mare555April 26, 2011

Can anyone tell me if you have any symptoms of menopause once you're post-menopausal? I've had for several years dizziness, heart palpitations, anxiety issues but i'm three years post-menopause now. My gyn says these are no longer associated with menopause at my stage. She said I should have no symptoms due to menopause - except maybe hot flashes. I'm 55. I just wondered if any other women still have any of these symptoms once they're post menopause. I can't believe my gyn is accurate in this thinking. Can someone please let me know if you still have heart palps or dizziness or whatever other symptoms you may have had in peri-menopause or menopause. Thanks!

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Do some research on natural progesterone cream. You may have estrogen dominance, which causes many of the symtoms you have. Dr. John Lee wrote books on this subject. I had heart palpitiations and at night my legs hurt so bad I had a hard time walking after I sat for a while. This cream helped me a lot it also helped me sleep better, do some research and see if it sounds like something you should try.

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Old thread i know , but i am four years post menopause and get what i call buzzy on the top of my head when i turn from side to side or when i look up its so annoying i have had tests come back clear, i have been tested for thyroid blood sugar ears eyes balance blood pressure sitting standing all fine . My doc says we can't blame everything on menopause but i don't know i feel this is a post menopause problem

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I do have some of those symptoms, but they are not in any way associated with post menopause. I think my dizzy spells were caused by stress of caring for my husband who had AZ. I had heart palpitations but it was just a fluke and before menopause. As for painful you take a lot of calcium? I hurt like ***l when I first get up, it's arthritis and it helps to walk more during the day. My husband had that problem following surgery and it was just sitting to much. My grandparents said, "I'm stove up this morning". LOL And, I feel it is just part of the aging problems, the people in the neighborhood that I talk to are going through the same thing.

If you were 20 and having problems like this you wouldn't think anything of it.

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