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Pamelad1March 20, 2002

Have any of you ever ran into an old boyfriend and thought "Boy, I dodged a bullet with that one?". I have recently talked to "my first love" (I was 13, so maybe it was puppy love), and I actually thanked my husband for just being my husband! ( He knew the guy from when we were kids, so he knew exactly what I was thanking him for!).

I had often wondered (usually after a talk show first love reunion show) what it would be like to run into this guy again. Well, now I know.

Have any of you "dodged a bullet" so to speak?

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Well, I see many of my ex's. They all live around here and some are related or know my fiance'. It's been odd but I've talked to 2 of them and we've gotten passed what ever it was and we can talk and be okay around one another. The other one still acts like he's something and he has to avoid me. Really we weren't boyfriend or girlfriend we were just talking and I went to his house once and he came to mind. He ditched me for my friend and that was that. The weirdest moment had to be when I first started dating my fiance'. He plays mens slow-pitch softball in the spring and summer. I'm sitting at the field watching him and he's in left field with two of my ex's standing in left center and right center! LOL I guess we're weird, though. His one ex girlfriend called here once and asked us to go out with her and her sister who was in town and my fiance' is friends with. Awkward things seem to happen with us all the time but we know it is long over with the ex's and it doesn't bother us. Sure does lead to interesting stories though! LOL

And yes, I know why I'm not with them or why it didn't work. My first boyfriend even commented on how much better my life is now and what I have~my fiance' and our son.


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I've been there - seen them & gotten news on them both. I remember being devastated. I got news that made me think of the song "I thank God for unanswered prayers!"

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It has gone both ways for me. My DH and one of my ex's are really good friends and because of me. That is just weird for me. Then there has been a few that I think they have gotten better looking with age. Then there are a few that still haven't grown up and I think whew got out of that at a good time.

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Dodged the bullet? no way, i ran right into it ;o)

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We never mention our exes anymore. It's like an unspoken word - when we're talking about the "pre marriage" part of our relationship and those people, it's just assumed. I told my husband that if we hadn't met I would have been divorced by now (if I had married my old boyfriend). I still have friends who keep me updated, for some reason, on what he's doing. It's as if these people feel compelled to fill me in when I would rather not hear. I ran into my ex's brother in Walmart once and found out that he (the brother) and his wife got married the same day we did. Whenever I go home to visit I can't keep from running into a member of their family or hearing about them in some far out, bizarre coincendence. Thank God my husband is never around! It's very odd.

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my bullet moved across the street from me (laughing) i dont know how or what this means, in a way i do. I saw a person walk by my window and i said no that cant be, so i went outside and called his name and sure enough it was him, of course when i told my husband he was really upset that i went outside to talk to him because he knows i was in love with this person. When he told me, after not seeing him for over a yr, that he moved across the street from me i was stunned, so i quickly told him i was married (laughing again )the ironic thing is my husband recently told me that he seen my ex outside and they talked (i was like what is really going on)when i asked how did you know it was him, because he never seen him before, he said my ex seen the dog that me and him bought together, and he started calling the dogs name and asked my husband was the dogs name spanky, and my husband said yeah, who are you , and my ex told him and they started talking. This is really wild and i'm thanking GOD that im moving soon to NC, if he shows up there i'm going on AMERICA'S MOST WANTED, cause it would be obvious the man wants me back (laughing again)

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Hey rosewood, welcome to NC! Where ya going? I'm in Durham, work in Carrboro, school in Raleigh- yeah I use the whole dang Triangle!

I moved to NC with my husband too! We ran into my old boyfriend when we were visiting MD. DH knew old bf because we all hung out together (that was a slightly awkward time). His wife turned out to be gay, I swear I'm not making this up, and they obviously parted ways. He didn't seem all that happy, the breakup was still pretty fresh, but I'm sure he's OK. He doesn't hang out with our MD friends any more though, so I haven't heard anything since that chance meeting.

Honestly, there is nobody that I'd be happier with than my husband. He's the love of my life. No comparison at all.

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Boy did I dodge a bullet! My ex-boyfriend still lives with his parents (he is 34!) and works part time installing cable. He still has the truck from high school because he can't afford anything else.
I married a wonderful man that loves me to pieces!

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Hey Meghane, thanks for the welcome to NC, i'm still looking at some different areas. Thanks to some of the people on here i have found some really nice areas, kings mountain,dallas,concord area. I'm putting my house on the market in march here in maryland, so it should sell fairly quickly. Meghane my husband told me don't think because i ran into your old boyfriend that we are going to start hanging out because i don't care for him. Then he had the nerve to say and i don't want to come home and see him sitting in the living room. I told him that I hope he wasn't to nice to my ex when he met him because if he was trust me he will be knocking at the door. I can't wait to move to another state too many old boyfriends here and that's not good with a husband around now.(laughing)

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I just had to post this, I know after it's read there will be alot of laughter. I just posted about a ex boyfriend that my husband met just by chance walking the dog, well some years before that I was involved with another young man in my city and we broke up because he just kept lying about little things and he really didn't have any ambition or goals for his life so i decided that wasn't the type of man i wanted in my life.
Ok here goes, my husband went to this place recently called labor ready to pick up a few guys to help him move our furniture into storage. Would you believe that one of the men that he hired was the ex boyfriend mentioned above? When my husband returned home with the 3 men and I saw my ex I almost fell on the floor. I said to myself 2 ex's in one month what the hell else can possibly happen! I just laughed and went in my bedroom and closed the door.
After they completed the work my husband asked how i knew one of the men and I said somehow you are managing to attract all my ex boyfriends back to me. We laughed for hours and we both said at the same time thank GOD we are moving.

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