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maryjo24April 6, 2006

I know this may sound stupid.....I apologize in advance for this question........but what are estrogen or progesterin creams & where do you put them? Just typing this question is embarassing to me. I just can't figure out what estrogen/progesterin cream does for a menopausal woman or where you rub the cream on at.:(

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I rub the cream on anywhere where the skin is thin. It really works, absorbing in like a derm patch. Also goes to show that lotion you put on your skin also gets absorbed...
I rub it on the insides of my arms... around my neck etc.

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Try putting progesterone cream in the Google search site and it will bring up lots of information on it.
I'm well pass menopause, but kept having headaches and a general "yucky" nauseous feeling on a monthly basis and DD recommended the cream and since I have been using it for nearly a year, I no longer have these problems.
She uses it to help with PMS and swears by it.

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See, this is funny Donna... I just answered your other post about your daughter. For me, the progesterone cream does nothing for PMS. I had tried progesterone for PMS 20 years ago...nope, and the cream doesn't help now either. Really a bummer for me, because I have really AWFUL pms AND menopause now... I am almost to the point of wanting my ovaries ripped out... that way I only have ONE thing happening to me, but not quite.

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I just started with natural progesterone (tablets) and estrogen cream (bioidentical. I have had loss of appetite since I started menopause (wierd!) and was wondering if anyone else has had this happen - I know people say "you're lucky" but it isn't much fun - I can't look forward to going out to dinner or cooking.... Also do you think that these hormones may help???

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are you taking any drug like prozac? One of the side affects of that type of seritonin uptake inhibitor is decrease of appetite. Works for me... :o)

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Ok, call me dense but I just don't get estrogen creams. Where do you get estrogen cream? How is it absorbed into your body? What does it do for you? Also, where can I get the natural progesterone tablets mentioned here?

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I have progesterone cream, called Meno-cream, fairly expensive, I got it at Walgreens. It is absorbed through your skin. Yes, things DO get absorbed through your skin, hence "The Patch" and that is why I make my own lotions, because I don't want chemicals and preservatives absorbed into MY skin. :o)

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You don't need extra estrogen, your body has and makes plenty, it's the progesterone that falls dramatically after menopause.
Emphasis on estrogen replacement therapy has been highly publicized... why?... because the pharmaceutical companies make big money from it.
A couple of good books that explain it much better than I can are :
Hormone Balance, A Matter of Life and Health by
Kristine Klitze R.N. B.S.N

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause by
John R. Lee MD
I bought mine from as I refer to them frequently and have given one to the local health department (I retired from there last year) for the nurses to use as a reference.

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I'd respectfully like to disagree with Donna statement "You don't need extra estrogen, your body has and makes plenty, it's the progesterone that falls dramatically after menopause"
ALL hormones decrease with menopause, and I know that my estrogen has decreased due to the fact that I have a higher libido, which indicates the ratio between estrogen and progesterone has changed.
My mother, also a retired Public Health Nurse is on hormones due to a hysterectomy.... she also might disagree with your statement. Maybe that statement works for yourself, but not everyone is the same.

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Donna, according to the RN at my compounding pharmacy, they will add some estrogen at times. I use a compounded Progesterone cream.
Mary Jo, to answer your question I rub my cream onto the outside of my thighs. I was told not to use it on my face and one reason is if I need to have a salava test later, it might alter the results.

my two cents

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I use the inside of my arms to rub onto thighs.


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I am an independent consultant of a company that sells an amazing natural progesterone cream. Its called PhytoProlief (for menopausal women) and there is a Prolief (for women that are still cycling). Both creams contain 480 mg progesterone per ounce, are applied topically, and are conveniently packaged in a metered pump. Each dose supplies 1/4 tsp. containing the recommended 20mg of progesterone. There's no confusing and messy measuring. It retails for $30 a bottle lasts about 3 months. I can get it to anyone for $22 + tax and shipping. I have a verified paypal account. Contact me

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Oh jeez... ads in here again...I won't buy from people who advertise in my GardenWeb...:o(

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Hi, i have been researching natural progesterone creams for a week or so now, and they all say that progesterone cream rubbed into fatty areas of your body, thighs, upper arms and lower abdomen are fully absorbed into the body, and used as your body needs it, but estrogen will be produced by the body by taking progesterone, and its quite unusual for people to need to take extra estrogen, its also not advisable, as this has been the many problems for years in that women have been given estrogen by Drs thinking that it needs to be replenished during menopause, whereas now the general way of thinking is that this actually procudes estrogen dominance, Dr Lee goes into this in great detail and by eck it all makes sense at last. Good luck. Fiona (UK)

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I went off Sarafem (Prozac) and am going to try the Meno Cream. I have a lot of anxiety and mood swings. Don't have the hot flashes yet.

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I have been using Estro-all for about 4 years now, and I think I'm addicted! At first, I just used straight progesterone cream, but still had severe night sweats. I switched to a progesterone cream with a tad of estrogen (Estro-all), and I'm a VERY happy camper. I buy 12 tubes at a time ($140) so it ends up being very inexpensive. 12 tubes will last me about a year and a half.

I rub it on my breasts, inside of my arms, top of my feet and ankles -- and I rotate it every day. I used to put it on twice a day, but now I just put it on in the morning after my shower.

For those of you who are trying this for the first time, it takes a few weeks to get the full effect. Give it some time.

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I am in my 2nd month of taking bioidenticals (Estradiol/Prog/Test) Why can't you apply the cream to your breasts?

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