How often does he sleep on the couch?

waddles28March 15, 2002

In my opinion not enough.

Wednesday-I snored too loud - he slept on the couch.

Thursday-I wouldn't put out - I mean turn off the tv - he slept on the couch.

Do I have the moodiest man or are they all from the same mold?

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LOL waddles, I'm afraid I'm the moody one. Those are reasons for me to hit the couch! I don't do it too often and DH at least hates it and usually calls me back - when he's ready that is! :) He only doesn't call back if I'm sick, he would prefer me to stay away then!

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Hmmm. He DOES sound moody -- I don't think I would put up with that! DH ends up sleeping in the guest bed when he's up really late working on a paper and just sleeps for a couple of hours, so that he doesn't wake me up. Other than that, I think once I slept in the guestbed because he was snoring so loudly, but I felt badly because he needed the sleep, so I didn't want to pester him about it. Our couch is too little for sleeping on =)

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DH has only slept on the "couch" once - when he couldn't sleep and was thrashing around and afraid he would keep me awake. A few hours later I noticed he was still gone and went out in the living room to check on him - he had pushed the short little studio couches we have together to make one big long one (he's 6 foot) and it was the most hilarious thing I'd ever seen!

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One time when we were married about 5 years, we had an argument and DH decided to sleep in the guest room. I said - no you don't - and went in and joined him. That was the end of that argument and he's never tried it again because of an argument. Recently he had surgery and couldn't get upstairs and had to sleep downstairs for about a month. I couldn't sleep without him. Even the cat was sleepless. I got one of those baby intercoms from one of my friends and that made it easier for him to tell me when he needed more pain meds and it helped me sleep just to hear his breathing and snoring. One of these days I'm going to set up a tape machine and record a whole night of sleep sounds from DH because I'm afraid that if anything ever happens to him, I'll never sleep again. Sometimes I hear people complain about their partner snoring and I can't understand it. Our kids have to sleep with their doors closed to drown out DH, but I love even that part of him. Our DD once asked me how I could sleep right next to him!!! I do go to bed early(10:00). I wake up at 4:30 AM and he doesn't come to bed until 1:00 so we have kind of divergent hours.

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almost every night ever since his back surgery he has a hard time sleeping and he is up and down all night keeping me up or if he goes to sleep he snores loud enough to wake the dead and i cant stand it. I now know why his parents sleep in seperate rooms and have for almost their entire married life his mother snores like he does.

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He doesn't sleep on the couch. I'm the one who gets hacked & moves out there.

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every night, he says his back hurts him a lot when he sleeps in our bed but we can't afford a new mattress because he doesn't have a job and isn't particularly motivated to get one, so he can sleep on the couch forever as far as i'm concerned :o)

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We take naps together and cuddle together but when it comes to getting a good nights rest he prefers the couch.

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He has never gotten angry and gone to the couch. He has been sick, restless, whatever and gone there. And I have SENT him there LOL. But he has never gotten ticked off and gone there on his own.

And I have gone there when I can't sleep or something, but never because I am angry. Why, when I'M angry, I send HIM off to the couch ROFL!

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I was just told that I will be sleeping on the couch tonight. It is my bowling night and I usually get in wwwaaaaayyyy too late. I told him to have the electric blanket on there and I will sleep on the couch. I also snore after drinking.

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on work days my wife sleeps on the couch, i go to bed at 6:45 in the morn and wake up at 2:30 in the afternoon , my wife goes to bed at 1:00 in the morn and gets up at 10:00 in the morn,this works best to avoid waking each other.

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If he has a few beers on his days off, he will sleep on the couch.(Beer=snoring) And I cannot sleep for any ol' reason, I will go on the couch. But there are no hard feelings about it.

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Just last night..and NO I have the moodiest man in the world,


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UH, Never!! lol..

He don't sleep on the couch and never has. He thinks that whoever is mad and doesn't want to sleep with the other person should be the one to sleep on the couch.. He claims he's never been mad enough to not want to sleep in the same bed ha.ha..

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littlebit I think we may have to fight this one out. Last week he did not talk to me at all. This week it is not too much better. He is in a great mood one minute and bites my head off the next. I have always known he was moody but for some reason I think it is getting worse instead of better.

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Do you know Why he didn't talk all week? Was this one of the times you said no to sex? Or a different reason? When you do say no is it because of his approach? Does he just say,'go get in the bed'or try to grab you or does he try to be nice and flattering? Does he pick times when you're busy or stressed out? Or does he just expect it when he hasn't said a decent thing all day and it you off? Sorry, I'm just getting curious.

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It is a mixture of many things. We are getting ready to build a house so there is alot of stress from that. Also we have two children 3 and 16 months that doesn't help the stress factor for either of us. Work is another factor and so on and so on. This particular incident was because I did not want to have sex. His approach is not really the issue. I do sleep on the coach probably once a week either because I am watching a movie and I fall asleep or I have told the daughter that we will sleep on the coach.

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NEVER EVER ...even in a fight we still sleep together!

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My in-laws have been married 52 years and probably spent 20 of them not talking to each other. It's how they fight. One or the other gets mad, they stop talking. Sometimes it goes on so long they cannot remember why they are not talking to each other.

My husband tried it on me once. Just once. On day three I told him that I would not spend the rest of my life living like his parents do, so he had a choice; we fight it out or he moves out. He didn't actually believe me until I started tossing his clothes into garbage bags, but he soon got the message and it has never happened again.

And no, I didn't put his clothes away. Stuborn as he was he actually lived out of those garbage bags until he realized that when I was doing laundry, I was putting his clothes away - into the garbage bags.


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Not often enough!

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Luckily, that's one thing that we have never done. Pouting or not, we have always stuck close together. It is very comforting. I would hate to think that he would bail out on the couch when he got miffed at me. I think that it is a bad habit to start if you do it from anger. Shoot, just get a king sized bed if you don't have one and draw a line in the center, and stay comfortable!! LOL

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Neither DH or I sleep on the couch in anger. Then again, we rarely fight. I do hit the couch sometimes if his snoring is keeping me up, or if I'm having trouble sleeping and don't want to wake him with my tossing and turning. He never sleeps on the couch.

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We never sleep apart because of an argument. The only reasons are if he's snoring or one of us has to get up really early & doesn't want to disturb the other. He says I snore too but it doesn't keep him awake because he's such a sound sleeper. I, on the other hand, am a light sleeper, so if he snores at all it keeps me up. We have a daybed in the sewing room & probably spend equal amounts of time on it.

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Same as Vickie---I told him to sleep on the coutch once in our early days, and he told me to sleep there myself, he wasn't leaving his bed :0) I'm glad he said that.

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I've never slept on the couch and neither has he. Sometimes I doze off there while watching TV but he alwasys comes to get me. He says he can't sleep without me there. Awwwwww.... I've slept apart from him 3 nights since we got married. All three nights were because I was out of town on business.

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He prefers the couch until early in the morning. I like a totally dark room with no noise and he prefers lights on and the TV volume turned up or the stereo going. He takes meds for depression and this really affects his sleep pattern. I prefer to sleep alone - I have more room to toss and turn, but he normally comes to bed around 2 or 3 when he wakes up.

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i have been married for 14 years and my husband has NEVER slept on the couch. I have. He considers himself the king of his castle and he does not give up his bed...ever.

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I have been married 45 years of my life and have never had a husband sleep on the couch. That's not to say we never got mad at each other, we just kept on sharing the bed.

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he'll occasionally fall asleep on the couch- on one memorable occasion, woke me up with tears and kisses, he'd woken up alone in a place not his old attic room, and had a waking nightmare that I had never existed, or had died...

but we married for just that reason- our life together is something that neither of us have ever managed to create on our own, or with anyone else.

heck, we have a hard time spending a night apart- he'd rather spend 3 hours in a car to spend the night in a house he doesn't like in the company of people he really can't stand than do without our snuggle time-

and I'd rather put up with his brother's monstrous rotties, their dander, and my allergies than do without him.

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In 35 years of marriage that has never - ever - happened.

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All the time! And no hard feelings... We are just not sleep compatible. That's Fine! as we are both much happier, him not having me poke him awake dozens of times through the night to tell him to turn over as his snores are waking the dead! And me, being able to get a good nights sleep and waking well rested and cheerful. This is not to say that we don't "enjoy" ourselves in the bedroom. Quite the contrary. We have lots of fun, then I send him on his way and we both have our peace.

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Most of the time! I snore (since I gained weight) and he is an insomniac (and is up and down a dozen time a night). We have two other bedrooms and I've offered to make up one of them for him but he prefers the sofa! He wakes up and watches TV or DVD's or fools around on the computer until he falls asleep again. I, on the other hand, fall immediately asleep, but wake every time he gets in or out of bed, so if we sleep together, I don't sleep!

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We have been married for ages and there have been plenty of times when we were furiously angry with each other, but neither of us has ever felt like cutting off our nose to spite our face--which is what the one who choses the couch would be doing.

However, I used to hate that DH expected me to hop into bed whenever he decided to (whether sex was involved or not) and get up whenever he chose to. After years of subtle tug-o-war on this point, I finally won the concession that I could stay in bed until 7:00 and he would refrain from coming in and making noises to wake me up till then. He was getting up at 5:00 for some time--nothing to do with job or scheduled things, just that it seemed to make him feel virtuous. And I was "unvirtuous" for wanting to go to bed later than him and sleep till 7:00! Happily, we got over that.

I was secretly very pleased when we reached an age where one of us might have to keep getting up to the bathroom in the night and disturbing the other. For the past 10 years or so, we have been sleeping amicably and very well in separate rooms. I am in a queen-sized bed, and with two selfish cats sharing it, it is still none too large. When I look at those regular double beds, I wonder how we could possibly have slept well in one for all those years. (Neither of us is the sort who can sleep with someone's arms around, or legs over, us, and a double bed practically ensures contact.)

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Some celebrity (I forget who) was asked what the secret to his long happy marraige was and his answer was 'separate bedrooms'.

DH and I do not have 'separate' bedrooms in the strict sense but one of the spare bedrooms is considered 'mine'.

I have a very hard time sleeping and I am ebarrassed to say that I snore horribly. If I am thrashing about trying to get to sleep I will often go to my room so that I do not disturb him. Sometimes he will come in and sleep with me later and sometimes not. There are no hard feelings about it. If I am snoring terribly he knows that he has a place to go as well, I always keep that bed made so that neither one of us has to spend an uncomfortable night on the couch.

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i consider myself still in the newlyweb stages of our marriage at 13 months and things are great, ups and downs like anything else but for the most part very happy, the problem was his snoring, before i married him i had no idea that he snored like he does, it was so bad he had to hit the couch just to allow me to get some sleep as i work at night, anyway, bottom line is he did everything he could to find out the problem that was causing the snoring, he had a procedure called snoreplasty done which was useless and a waste of $300, he tried all the over the counter junk to try to help him stop smoking, bottom line last result he went to a well known hypnotist that came to our town and when he came back from the seminar after 30 yrs of smoking, he wasnt smoking any more and hasnt since, made me a beliver in hypnosis very quickly, we are sleeping in the same bed now so lots more sex at will, what im trying to say men if your wife is putting you out the bed because of you obnoxious snoring and you smoke, go see a hypnosis thats well known and accreditted, and throw away the cigarettes and you will be in the bed every nite. Some can kick the habit on their owm others cant, so hey do what works to get back in that bed. (smiling)

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Married 35 years, no one sleeps on the couch. We have a king size bed and there is a king size bed in the guest room too. I used to go to the guest room occasionally because of his snoring but now I'm used to noise. He snores, the pekingese snores, he's got a noisy oxygen machine to use at night, it's no problem anymore. Even if we're angry we go to the same bed, neither of us has the right to kick the other one out. Lynn

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After 7 years of happy marriage Never! until this weekend. Since he brought home his new V10 Dodge chick magnet over my objections (and our budget) we haven't really been on speaking terms let alone sleeping in the same room. I know he's miserable because he can't figure out why I'm upset and throwing away this marriage. But with 3 kids and no.4 due soon, I can't figure out what he is thinking, or more to the point, why he isn't thinking. Not sure what is going on here but the couch continues to look appealing.

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My husband sleeps on the couch every night. We have totally different ideas of what is comfortable. I don't mind. I like being able to spread out and he snores. It doesn't hurt our sex life or relationship.

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