Breast Tenderness

earthygal52April 7, 2008

I am 52 and have been going through menopause, I too have very sore and painful nipples and breasts, I need to get a mammogram , but i'm just too sore, my mother died from Breast Cancer at the age of 55 only because she chose not to do anything about it, I'm not going down that way, I am relieved that other women are going through this, so it is normal, I was getting pretty scared, I will try evening primrose oil, anything to relieve this agony, Thank you!

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Hi Earthygal

I know what you mean. I've read that breast tenderness tends to happen more often with "estrogen dominance". Have you been tested? You might have a higher level of estrogen than progesterone. Stopping caffeine also helped me.
Bobbi -

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Hi,Bobbi54, Thank you so much for that info, I believe you're right on, I am overweight and I know that is the cause of being "Estrogen Dominant" I need to find a gynocoligist so I can take care of this,Thanks again!

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I would also like to mention Dr. Christiane Northrupp's book called "The Wisdom of Menopause". It is so full of wonderful information for you. Bobbi

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I am 55 and my nipples are really sore! My last period was Dec. 2007. I am glad all you women are here, now I am not so nervous. My breath even hurts the nipples when I blow on them.

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Hi Ladies, Just wanted to mention, I have gotten relief, I've been taking Mega Omegas, Multi-vitamin's for over 50(no Iron),Lysine 1000 mg. and this seems to help, so don't give up, take back your life, it's just too short to be suffering like that, good Luck to you all!!!

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