Menopause....or not??

angel4foruApril 4, 2012

I am 42 - had my last "official" period in 8/10 so I was only 40 then. In 12/10 I had 2 days of spotting, then in 3/11 I had 3 days of spotting, in 10/11 I had over a week of spotting and bleeding and it was more like a period with breast pain for two weeks or so before that happened. Now starting yesterday on 4/3/12 I started spotting again and have having some cramping. I swear I felt PMS'y the other day too. All along I have been having this watery or clear discharge pretty consistently. I've been told I have vaginal atrophy. I had my pap test recently which was fine. Told her about the discharge and she didn't make much of it. I had my mammogram recently and an ultrasound due to having dense breasts and have some small nodules that I've been told are just benign - 2 on the left and one on the right that measured up to 8mm. I also have some lumpy breast tissue that does cause me discomfort. I had seen a breast specialist just in case and she said my breasts are still dense and like those of a woman still menstruating. My hormones have been checked a few times and always FSH is high and estrogen is fairly low - probably since the beginning of 2011 everytime they were checked which was maybe twice in the last year or so.

I guess my question is I am in menopause or still perimenopause? Is this bleeding being caused by weird hormonal shifts or my atrophy? Should I be worried about cancer? Most gyn's (and I've seen many over the last 1 1/2 years because I've moved and have not found one I like) say that I am considered post menopausal since my last period was in 8/10. But I thought you had to go 12 months with no bleeding, not even spotting. So now they are trying to push me for a biopsy but I don't know if I need to do that. Back in October 2011 when I had the heavier bleeding an ultrasound was done and my lining was only 2.9mm. My thought is to do another ultrasound now and if the lining is still thin I really don't need a biopsy. I am really nervous to do the biopsy as I have anxiety and it is painful due to my atrophy to have even a vaginal exam. Also thinking since I am only 42 that my body and hormones really have not settled down completely yet and that is why I keep getting this bleeding and/or spotting every so often - anywhere from 3-7 months apart.

So just wondering other's opinions and if I am considered post menopausal or still perimenopausal. Seeing the blood suddenly again can throw you into a state of panic. Thank you....this is some crazy journey we all go through!

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angel4, I think people are hesitating to answer you because we're concerned that if you did have something wrong with you, you might not know it if you don't get the biopsy. But I'm going to tell you off the top of my head what I think you could try for a week or two. Have you ever used those menopause pills that are available everywhere? I think a variation of the word Estrogen is in the name. If it were me, I'd try taking those as half dose the first week, then full dose the second week and see if that did anything. Good luck!

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