2 dozen roses and a block of cheese...

verenapMarch 16, 2006

There is joy to be found in marriage.

Just yesterday my dear Hubby made a wonderful romantic gesture. He came home from work with two dozen roses and a block of gourmet cheese. That my sound like a strange combination, but he hates cheese, and I love it, so every now and then he buys me "the-good-stuff". And roses...well, who doesn't like roses?

His reason for the little treat...? "Thanks for the nice clean house, I love you."

We got together when I was 19. He was 31, had an ex and two kids. (A challenge all in itself.) We 'clicked' well, both love the outdoors, fell deeply in love, got married, had a baby. Now I'm 24, he's 36. Somewhere in the first year of marriage I realized that he's extremely organized and likes to delegate, and he realized that I'm, well, lets call it artistic. (I like things *clean*, but not necessarily organized.) That first year was tough at times (sometimes I wondered what I got myself into). But we got through it.

We've been together for 5 years now. He's learned to relax a little. I've learned to keep things tidier, not because I want it that way, but because he appreciates it. We still have a long way to go, and there will certainly be more challenges, we will eventually have a teenager or two after all. Marriage is about learning how to make compromises so two, sometimes very different, people can share their lives. It's not always easy, but it is always worthwhile, and sometimes you might even get 2 dozen roses and a block of cheese. ; )

Anyone else out there with a happy story or words of encouragement they'd like to share?? I'd love to hear some.

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My DH never compliments me to my face,but he says nice things when we're out in public. Someone commented that our daughter looks pretty, and he said "you can tell,she takes after my wife."

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I LOVE the block of cheese gesture. Especially since he hates it - you know he did it just for you.

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Twice during our long marriage, I have found that DH kept and framed some note of encouragement I wrote him. They are in small frames and he keeps them on his desk or a bookcase. It's nice to feel appreciated, and I agree that buying you a food he doesn't like himself rates high on the thoughtful mate scale. Along that line, DH once bought me a book of cat photos when I was feeling low, and he doesn't like cats.

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