went to gyn today

valeriecraftyApril 17, 2008

I went to see my gyn...who is a great guy...he told me he thought that I was having panic(mild)attacks...and that it might happen with menopause...but he didnt want to try HRTs...which I wouldnt any way...he said to try xanax for a few weeks and see if they help....Im so confused on what the heck is happening to my body....one doc(GP) female...says that some women get the adrenlin rushes in place of hot flashes,,,and gyn says its the chemical changes in the body...but still thinks that my butterflies in the stomach all the time and numb feelings are panicattacks not menopause....he told me that he suffered through this a few yrs back...but in my heart I still think all my symptoms are due to menopause..then he gave me a hug and kiss and said he wont prescribe anti depressants because he doesnt know enough about them and that I maybe should go to psy. doc (I really dont want them either..thanks for listening to me....we will all get through this.........Valerie

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Well Thur,Fri and Saturday I felt good.....then today(sunday) all the blah and numb feelings came back 2 fold...I wish I could get a handle on these but I just cant..and it makes me feel like Im losing my mind and I just want to lay in bed all day or cry,,,I cant take this...does anyone else ever feel this way?...I dont think the xanax is working.......thanks again for listening to me complain.......Valerie

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He could be right, or you could be right, or both. I've been where you are with anxiety and depression. It's pure he** if you're used to being positive and active. The psychology route may be good if you find a good doctor or therapist. The Xanax will likely help your symptoms but won't resolve the problem. It's something you have to decide to go through with or without meds or treatment. I went the no treatment route. It was really hard to do, but helped me by leading me into a phase of self-discovery. I don't recommend it for the faint-hearted, though ;)
Mrs H

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hi Mrs.H......just wanted to let you know that I spent 2 days in hospital (had 2 days of heart pounding out of my chest,...everything turned out fine,..and I think being on heart monitor and knowing that when I was feeling that way nothing was going on with my heart was a good thing,...plus 2 days not on xanax made me feel so much better!!....doc said that xanax was making me more depressed!.....I now started a very low dose beta blocker and prilosec for my belly ( had this nervous stomach thing going on).....I came home last night from hospital and felt like I havent felt in a month.....slept great after cleaning up my house and cooking for my family (which I havent done in wks.....I know now that xanax wasnt the answer for me and that if you find the right doc in makes the world of difference!.......I had all women docs in their 40s!! so they all knew what I was going through..have a great day all!

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