Zits and hair

xanadu45April 12, 2006

Has anyone experienced a sudden crop of spots?

I seem to not only have sprouted a moustache overnight but big red boils on my chin. This started two months ago and I depair.

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Sounds to me like your testosterone level may be up a little, or maybe your estrogen levels have dropped in proportion. Have you had hormone levels checked? That's just a guess.
Mrs H

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Yes. It happened to me. I never had acne as a teen but got it when I was in my late forties and going through menopause.

I took a friends advice and started using ProActive and it cleared things up for me. But, I am sure you could used any good brand acne treatment. I have heard that Murad has a good acne control product set also. Check the internet an ask around.

I happen to be one of those indiviuals who got acne when I tried using the birth control pills in my late twenties. Amazingly they market BC pills as a CURE for acne and some women have said that BC pills worked for them to control acne as teens.

It all depends on your particular body chemistry and what works for you. I have noticed that ProActive has recently started using commercials featuring older women who experienced adult onset acne.

I still don't know what to do about all the facial hair I have developed. Right now I bought an electric razor and run it all over my face to get rid of the 'fuzz' and then pluck the course chin hairs and straglers.

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I am the same as you and I remember Birth control pills making my spots worse when I was younger. These spots are hard and red.
As I live in Turkey the way to get rid of hair is when you go to the hairdressers they get out the cotton. They hold it between their teeth and then roll it over your face. I am blonde by the way and my extra hair is white. I don't really notice it but the girls at the salon insist I am getting hairier by the week. It is a painful procedure but I tolerate it and bow to their better eyesight.

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As bud_wi discussed up top, you could certainly use any name brand acne product to clear you right up. But, let me save you some time and $ by guiding you a bit. You can visit a page of the Murad site- http://www.murad.com/ibeCCtpItmDspRte.jsp?section=10119&item=14836&minisite=10020 and see a product called, "Age Balancing Night Cream." It specifically targets adult acne caused by hormonally-aging skin (peri/menopause). It contains retinol, which helps keep your pores clear for fewer breakouts. If this doesn't appeal to you, dig around the site a bit more to find their "Acne Complex Kit." I used it for years and it's helped me quite a bit. Either one would work. In addition to a skin regimen, you might want to alter your diet as well. If you simply start eating healthier foods, you'll see some drastic changes in not only the amount of acne you produce, but your overall complexion and tone as well.

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