Is this perimenopause? Long cycle followed by short

2ajsmamaApril 21, 2014

I turned 50 in Oct and dr wanted me off low dose BCP I'd been taking for years (had gone off in '98 to get pg - right away - with DS, on for a year or so, then trying for #2, multiple MCs, D&Cs, hysteroscopy to remove scar tissue, IVF. Finally had DD and went back on BCP 2005 or so for couple of yrs, moved, got off, found new dr, back on 2011 or so after surprise pg and MC in 2008 or 9 - I forget).

Anyway, trying to make long story short, in about 2008/9 I was having some night sweats, got pg (MC early) and they stopped for couple of years but now been having them again for a few years even while on BCP. Dr wanted me off (said many times more hormones than HRT and BC in family), went off at holidays, normal period end of Jan and I can't remember if it was late Feb or early Mar but took no notice since timing was about right. Late Mar no period, thought I'd skipped it, April Fool! Got it Apr 1 seemed normal (actually lighter than MY normal, since I usually flood on 1st full day and sometimes again on 4th or 5th day, even on BCP, which is why I was on them). Then this Sat (April 19) got it again! Again, not as heavy as I'm used to (maybe a little lighter than the beginning of April, and looks like it will be over sooner). But WTH is going on - 18 days apart???

I've also gained weight - have struggled with my weight for 15-18 years, lost some after had DS and then DD (seemed like I gained 10 lbs with each MC though in between), but this past year has been worse, esp. over the holidays, I was really trying to watch what I ate these past 2 months (and had stomach bug 1st week of April) but have gained another 3 lbs for total of 13 lbs in the past year or so. 10 lbs a year OK, I can see (though I was struggling to keep it from happening, and try to lose), but 3 lbs in less than 2 months when I was REALLY watching my diet?! At least now warm weather is here so I can get out and get more active.

I won't bore you with the sleep problems, lack of drive, forgetfulness, etc. I know those are signs but this bleeding has me confused. And the weight gain has me panicked - I don't want to end up 200 lbs like some of the (taller) women in my family! I used to be really petite, have gained 55 lbs now in less than 25 years (though the first 10-15 really wasn't bad since DH said I was too skinny, that weight went on the first year).

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It's probably hormonal fluctuations, but only a doctor can really say for sure. There are blood tests you could get to rule out other things, so a visit to a friendly female OBGYN sounds like a good idea. Take a list of questions and don't let her leave the room until you've gotten them all answered. Metabolism slows down every year and I know I have to eat less just to stay the same weight, and sometimes I still gain.

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