Hot flash newbie needs help :)

karoniApril 22, 2013

Hi all. I have recently joined the exclusive and hip hot flash club and I have a few questions:

1. Do you have hot flashes predictably (one, two, three a day) or unpredictably (four in one day then none for three days)?

2. Do you feel warmer than normal even when you are not having a hot flash?

3. Do you find you sweat more than you used to?

I ask because I'm having irregular hot flashes and yet I'm warmer than I normally am. I am usually cold and wear long sleeves and now I'm running around in tees and tank tops even when I'm not having a hot flash. Also, I've never sweated much but now I smell bed and feel mortified. Not sure what to do about that; I use a ton of deodorant.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Karoni. I do not have predictable hot flashes. I may get 1 hot flash per day or multiple ones or none for a few days. I do not feel warmer than normal when I`m not having a hot flash, I just feel the same as everyone else in my surroundings. I do not sweat more than I used to, while doing the same things. If you are sweating a bit more than usual and feeling warmer when not having a hot flash, you could be hyperthyroid, in addition to being menopausal. I would get your thyroid checked out just to be sure that your body temperature fluctuations are purely menopausal and not also due to any thryoid malfunction.

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