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fnmrobertsJanuary 20, 2014

When we purchased this home 18 years ago it had builders' basic wire closet rod/shelves. Because the master closet is only 6' x 8' with a door opening inward at an end and 2 feet lost along one side for the chimney, the useful space was further limited.

We lived with it for a couple years while reasoning a better layout. With a plan, my DH removed everything, then cedar lined one wall and constructed shelving to utilize space where the door swings, installed double hanging plus gown length rods, added wire baskets and a deep shelf for luggage storage. It is still very functional for us 16 years later.

This month we repainted and added a cabinet within the lost chimney space to store daily-wear jewelry.

Linked are photos both empty and filled. We believe we have effectively utilized the space but certainly would appreciate any ideas for further enhancement.

Here is a link that might be useful: Master Closet

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I love it. I'm envious of it. Can I borrow your hubby (LOL)?????

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Very nice job! Where did you find that jewelry storage insert?!

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Annie Deighnaugh

Well done!

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You know you are getting old when you are envious of a tricked out closet! Good job.

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That jewelry storage cabinet is to die for. Love how you've maximized every inch of space. LOL at ratherbesewing's comment!

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quite nice!

all I can say is that there's not enough "long" hanging space in mine for dresses, skirts, and pants. There's 4 times as much "short" hanging space -- :(

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Awakened to no heat this morning. Defective thermostat - only 3 years old. -1 outdoors, 53 inside and dropping! Dislike all these modern electronic controls. My excuse for not replying earlier.

Appreciate the compliments but would still welcome ideas to further improve.

lynninnewmexico - I've seen some of your home photos and envy goes your way too. And, on some days you can have him. LOL

annz - I found the cabinet on-line at Hayneedle.com It isn't a safe or anything that secure but was within the dimensions to fit available space. Was designed to be wall-hanging however we didn't wish to crowd the space that much so recessed it 3.5".

Violet.West - Only about 2.5 feet of long hanging here. I keep out-of-season and most long items in a guest bedroom closet.

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Love the closet and changes.

If it were mine, I'd add a full length mirror, trimmed in white or silver, at the end wall to brighten the cedar wall. I'd also add another one of those jewelry keepers on the fireplace wall if you have Never occurred to me to use wall cavities to add something like that in my closet. On my way to look at Hayneedle.com.

Could you add a shelf across the top of your closet entrance? I have a shelf running over the top of mine that holds large items that are not needed everyday.

BTW - I am impressed with all your blue jean jackets! :)

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Oh, newhomebuilder, great suggestions. Certainly a shelf above the door and I already have a full-length mirror on the back of the MB door so I'll just carry in in for an evaluation.

I don't believe I will mount the courage to ask DH for another cabinet. He did massive re-framing (unexpected until the wall was opened) for the one that I have. Another would be too far above the floor and I'd have to use a stool.

Lots of jackets in my wardrobe. DH says I have a 2-degree comfort range. LOL My office has windows on two sides and can be freezing early in the day and too warm later so I wear layers.

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That is a wonderful closet. Congratulations. I have been living in my house 18 years and still have the same wire shelving in my pantry. However, I did get California closets to redo my master BR closets. I really want your husband to come over and do my kitchen. So, when is he available? ;-)

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patricia43 - thank you.

I know the pantry, had the same thing. Wire shelves wouldn't support weight and bowed toward the center. Everything tipped.

Wish I had a photo of what he built and it's too disorganized for one now. Similar to the closet but "U" shaped to become step-in.

He gets bored and is always looking for something to do. But, I'd have to come as well and two cooks in the same kitchen doesn't work. LOL

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I see what you mean about not having another jewelry cabinet. Yep, that would be a mess.

I have the wire shelving in pantry and all of the closets. Been in this house 7 years and never had a problem. Had them in my last house, too! I actually like them as they do not collect the dust like the wood shelves do and they look clean and fresh. Mine were professionally installed and they seem heavy duty. Perhaps better than what can be bought at the big box stores. I am not sure. I do know that they have a lot of reinforcement, though.

Here is a photo of my pantry in my last house. I miss that pantry so much. This new house has a little dinky closet tucked into the end of the kitchen. Luckily, I have a huge laundry room with plenty of shelving for larger items.

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newhomebuilder, my current pantry (just built) looks much like your old pantry. This is a loft apartment, so the kitchen/LR/DR is all one big room. I don't know how I'd fit everything without that pantry! I didn't want wire shelving (and still would prefer wood) but my husband likes the Metro shelving and thought it went well with the industrial condo look, so that's what we did. It's awesome (both how it looks and how it functions -- the picture was taken "pre-organization")

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" I'd have to come as well and two cooks in the same kitchen doesn't work"

well, that'd work fine here! I don't cook much. I'd gladly stay out of the kitchen and let you take over! I get tired of my grilled cheese, eggs and hashbrowns and spaghetti. (not all together for 1 meal!). That's the majority of my 'cooking'.

great closet and jewelry storage. will check out that website - I need something like that.

I put a lower shelf on one side of my closet - about 4' L - to stack my sweats on. Above it is the rod where i hang my shirts (lots of flannel shirts) and a few cardigans I wear when it's chilly out.

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