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alisandeFebruary 24, 2013

I just thought I'd share something I've been doing with my dad's pictures from the 1940s and earlier. I think at least some of us would like to have enlargements made of our favorite pictures, but don't necessarily want to fill our walls or tabletops with them. I own several 5x7 albums, but wanted to go bigger with my dad's pictures.

When I was exhibiting my own photographs, I ended up with some leftover 11x14 prints. I discovered the Profolio line of albums, and bought one that size for these prints. I liked it so much that I bought more: 8x10, 5x7, and 8.5x11. They're not expensive, and I got them on Amazon.

So recently I took advantage of a half-price sale on (my favorite photo printer) and had a bunch of my dad's picture printed letter-sized (8.5 x 11). I'm very happy with the result. Here's a sample of what they look like in the Profolio book (my mom and me).

These albums need to lie flat, which is fine with me. They're archival safe and acid free.

PS: The watermark is on the picture I took of the pictures, not on the one in the book. ;-)

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That's a great idea! Love those pictures!!! Thanks for the tip!

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Those are wonderful pictures! Love how big they are.

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I love your mother's hair.

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Great idea. The pictures are so nice this way.

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Thanks, all! These letter-sized prints cost me only $1.50 apiece. This is why I wait for sales. The quality is better than anything you could get at CVS or Walmart. I've had good experiences with, too. Their regular prices tend to be lower than Mpix, but I haven't noticed as many sales.

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