Warning about nested glass prep bowls

cloudy_christineAugust 5, 2012

My daughter sent me this email today:

"By the way, try not to drop those glass prep bowls that come in sets, if you have any. What happened here yesterday was that [her DH] was carrying one (full of raw chicken) with oily hands and dropped it just a few inches into the sink. It sat there for a second, then spiderwebbed and shattered with glass flying up and out of the sink in tiny slivers. Kind of like the opposite of safety glass."

I'm pretty sure their big set of glass bowls, tiny to big, was a wedding present from Williams-Sonoma.

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I've had that happen with a tempered glass bowls. Glass flew everywhere, like it exploded. Scary. I didn't drop it, I poured hot water into it.


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I dropped one yesterday....on the tile floor...broke rather neatly into about 20 pieces and a few shards....mine came from Dollar Tree....3 for a buck! They have smaller ones, which are 4 for a dollar and larger ones at 2 for a dollar. Micro safe....I keep a stack.

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ANd you'll find pieces of broken glass for WEEKS!! I'm very leary of stuff from dollar store that comes from C??? WOuld be much more comfortable with "vintage" (70's+) nesting Pyrex mixing bowls.

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Glass is glass......this bowl broke with a lot less detonation than the vintage cutglass tumbler....made in the USA....and the Schott Zweisel snifter...made in Germany.
I am all about the $$ store....I currently have a shelf full....as in 15 or 16 wine glasses from the Dollar Tree that were made in the Netherlands and labeled Royal Leederdam.
Don't get all knee jerk about the Dollar stores....know what you are buying and read the labels!

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Despite the fact that they're tempered, they don't seem to cube up into relatively save pieces when they break. What I dislike more than seeing one break is grabbing one from the "nest" and feeling a sharp edge on the lip because a chunk chipped off. Where'd that pointy bit of glass go?

I've often wondered why my glass bowls are in the cabinet and my stainless are in the basement. Now that I think about it, I've probably been subliminally swayed by cooking shows who want you to see what's going on inside the bowl. Any other reason to have glass?

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Not that I can think of....other than you can warm the butter in the micro in a glass bowl before you add the sugar.
I have a nest of stainless....and a stack of pyrex pie plates for micro stuff.
Don't tell....but part of my daughter's birthday will be a stack of stainless bowls....she....my daughter, who so loved having the retro pyrex multicolored bowls!! LOL! Took her a lot of years but she's learning!!
Linda C

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