Periods aged 58

jthirkApril 10, 2007

Hello there, was just posting really on the off chance of some advice. I am posting on behalf of my 58 year old mum. She has been going through a late menopause for the past few years, but because it was late, any bleeding has caused her concern. 18 months ago she had an ultrasound scan to see what was going on - she was having bleeding and pain etc, - which showed all was clear. At the time, the lining of her womb was as it should be, ovaries and kidneys also good. However, she has started what we are assuming is another period - started a week ago yesterday, so she is on day 8. It appears to be getting lighter, but not looking like ending just yet. We were just wondering if anyone else has had experienced this at this age. Obviously you can imagine that her thoughts are going in to overdrive and we are all quite worried. Any replies greatly appreciated!

love, Jennie x x x

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I'm 56 and still having periods. And since I had my tubes tied almost 24 years ago, I would have appreciated an early menopause. The women in my family all stopped by 50. But after having them for 43 years (minus the time for pregnancy), I've had enough.

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Ask your doctor(s) about the possibility of a D&C with an ablation. I had this done when I was 57 and it was wonderful. First your doctor performs a routine D&C to clean the uterus; then cauterizes the uterus lining. After that, periods generally stop. I had two very mild periods after this procedure, but then they stopped. After 40 years of debilitating cramps and bleeding this was truly a medical miracle for me. The procedure is performed under anesthesia as outpatient surgery and is far less invasive than a hysterectomy. There is an excellent description about it on Here, I hope, is the url:

Just be sure to go to a gyn who is experienced in this procedure.

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