waddles28March 11, 2002

What is your nickname for your SO. My DH's name is Trent, his father calls him Trenter so I just call him Ter. Either that or honey when I like him.

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mine's Bill ...when i like him it's hon
when i don't, putz
when i really like him, he's my boy-toy
otherwise, i've just always called him dude

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His name is Johnny
Most of the time I call him babe, honey bunny or papa

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My hubbys name is William aka Bill but i call him Billy Bob and he hates it but i have been doing it since i met him so i aint changing it now lol. My boys even call him that lol

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She calls me too many things:

Turkey, Bum-bah-lia, Bunchy...

I don't think I call her anything.


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My name is Rodney, she calls me Pappa. Her name is Denise, I call her Nece, Necee or Sista. When she puts her snuggler on I call her the Necee Bunny.

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I call him Big Bear. He calles me by my name...but he used to call me Babe. My ex-husband called me Princess, and I cannot ever recall him using my name. I still think of that when I hear the word princess.

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His name is William to some, Bill to others inc. me
sometimes Wild Bill,Honey if I want something,or FRED when his junk collection is getting on my nerves!
I don't have one other than MOM or Momma imagine that.
I did have a boytoy once that always called SUGAR.He only used my real name when he got upset with me.I liked being called SUGAR!
I take that back DH does call me Mrs. Heard at times.

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sometimes it's dude
Sometimes it's shnookie-pie
Sometimes it's ...well... I'm not allowed to post it here :)

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His name is John, family calls him JJ or Johnny Joe. I call him honey or JJ sometimes. Othertimes I call him **$ or &%$*@ LOL! He's a good guy, I usually just use his name :-)


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