pizza with Miele and lots of + energy !

trailrunnerbikerJanuary 4, 2009

We had an amazing time. Made 10 pizzas. Had plenty left over for everyone to take some home. I used the Peter Reinhardt Neopolitan recipe . I will never use another so please erase the other one I posted. This was wonderful to work with. My helpers had NEVER made pizza before. I showed them how on one crust...the rest is history. See what you think ...

Here is a link that might be useful: pizza slideshow

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josie724're making me hungry....those looks delicious

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Oh my!! Please share the recipe for the dough and if you can't post it, please email me. Those are the best pizzas I've seen and I live in Chicago for heaven's sake!!

How do I get an invite to a Pizza party?

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I second the recommendation on the pizza recipes from Peter Reinhart. His slim cookbook named American Pie is worth purchasing. We've had great success with each of the different doughs we tried, including the make-ahead frozen pizza crust shells. He has a specific recipe for these and the results were amazing!


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jayne: I have his BBA book. The recipe in there is very different from this one that is from American Pie. I got it off of The Fresh Loaf. Boy it was the best tasting and nicest texture. We shaped on a floured counter and then placed it on the cornmeal dusted peel. I had the stone at 500 for 1 hour. I am now convinced it does take that long to get it hot enough. Also I only prebaked for about 2 min or less. Just barely enough to set it up. I brushed with EVOO first. It makes it so much easier to really over do the toppings LOL which we Americans always like to do :) Then they went back for about 6 min till brown. Will you post pics of your baking ??? We love pics . girl can come ANYTIME !! We are having 70's everyday....aren't you tired of that Chi Town weather !!??

Josie glad you liked it !!

Here is a link that might be useful: pizza recipe

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Pizza making is such a fun social activity! Looks that everyone had a blast!
I'd like the recipe, too.

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The Peter Reinhardt Neopolitan is my go-to pizza dough as well.. I love it since you can make it up to 2 days ahead and have it retard in the refrigerator. Did you get it from the American Pie book? The only thing I can't stand about that cookbook is it only gives volume measurements, not weight.

Not sure if you do sourdough, but sometimes I use the Reinhardt recipe and add some sourdough starter (accounting for the amount of water and flour in the starter, so you need to remove some of the water and flour from the Reinhardt recipe.. FWIW, my starter is in a liquid state right now... you can do it with a stiff starter as well).

Anyway, I'm glad you all had so much fun!

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This may be the recipe?

Here is a link that might be useful: The Fresh Loaf

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Yummy! I use a mix of bread flour and semolina flour when I make pizza (got the "recipe"--which I then tweaked of course, from an Italian deli where I'd purchased my first box of semolina flour). Haven't made it in quite awhile but now I might have to! I will check to see if the total am'ts (flours, oil, liquid) are similar, or much different from your recipe.

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danielle we did have a great time. The guys couldn't be convinced to do the dough but they loved doing the toppers.

judy: the recipe is the one I posted...from American Pie. I do not have that book, I just got the recipe from the web site for The Fresh Loaf. The recipe in his BBA is very different in that as danielle states you can refridgerate it upto 3 days and also freeze the dough prior to baking and then thaw and rise on the counter. I combined the ideas as I made the dough up early yesterday AM. I doubled it and used the KA. I then took the whole thing and plunked it into an oiled bucket and covered and put it into the fridge. It ROSE right out of the 5 qt bucket ! Even though it was cold. I took it out then 2 hrs before we needed it and let it get more or less room temp. I then dumped it all out on the floured soapstone and dusted more flour and used my pastry blade to divide it into 9 1/2 oz pieces. That is a good amt for a 12 " pizza that is not cracker thin.

hey cat_mom please post your recipe. I love using semolina flour. It has the nicest taste. I will try experimenting now with this recipe. c

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so how do you actually bake 10 or more pizzas at once? Did you use both ovens? Did you prebake before the guests came - well no you couldn't have done that if they were stretching their own dough.

I need a timeline to pull a party like this one off hehehe

Also what's the max number of people you think you could do this for?

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Oh shoot! I completely missed your link.

Haha, did you think a monster had overtaken your refrigerator?

I have got to get a digital scale. What would be a good one?

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This is really good to know. I'll definitely get Peter Reinhardt's bread/pizza baking books. We have a stone bake oven and I love the idea of making pizzas in it. But my doughs always taste a little yeasty -- they're pretty good, but not great. Not sure why. Maybe one issue is I always use half ww flour. But then again, I've had some great partially whole grain italian breads, so this shouldn't be the problem.

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judy we have the Salton scale that DS1 uses at the restaurant. It is great. As rhome noted...I never used a scale in the past...who needs this stuff ?? Well I am enjoying all of this "accuracy!". Who knew such an old dog could learn such new tricks !

246 Funny you should ask...we were on the "po'che" that is Southern for is 65 here tonight and raining...( I wish you were here ! ) We were talking about what a fantastic time we had last night. We communicated on this basic level that was simply awesome. Shaping....on to peel....into HOT oven...out table...pour wine ...manga !!! It was like a ballet . Simply perfect.

OK ..less raphsody and more details . I made a double recipe. I let it rise in the fridge. Took it out 2 hrs in advance. Turned oven on 1 hr in advance to 500 degrees. Used Intensive. I had them shaping the crusts...I placed each one into the oven for about 1-2 min. only. Take it out and it can set while they ruminate over what they want to top it with...these are scientists...philosphers...veteranarians...Viet Nam name it...guys on a mission to make the perfect pizza ! We women were waiting and shaping...hmm...if I had time there is a story here.

Put the topped pizza back in oven 6-8 min max. Done and perfect. So what we are planning is a party for 20 in May when the semester is over. I will have more stones by then and/or tiles from Fantes. I plan on prebaking as we is really so fast...2 min...out...someone is 6 min...out...another have to have dough person only works the oven...need 2 peels and then I used the backs of my OLD baking sheets also for transfers.

Does this answer the question ? What we are thinking is that when we have a huge crowd they will take finished pizza and fill plate with salad and go out by the pool or to the front po'che or the back po'che and we will move them through like a conveyor belt. Haha...ask me when we finish LOL> But so far all I wish I had was an out door oven with wood burning capacity...that may happen but not this year.c

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Debbie you should be able to sub some ww or semolina...not all . It will change the gluten too much. Try a small amount first. That would really be more authentic to the "00" flour. Needs the extra grain. c

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